Slogans Posted for "i want to win!"

Slogan Contest: i want to win!


i want to win!


Student Government Association Secretary


1. SGA
2. school elections
4.catchy slogan! and vote for me!
6. I want it to be short.
my name is katelyn a (albrittain) so you could do something with katelyn a.

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Slogans Posted

no rat cat or bat we want our kat

however big be the battalian, we want a win for katelyn

every where there is one din. let katelyn win

let us aver let us begin vote for katelyn to win

let the opposition go for a spin let only kat win

your kat is your lambkin, and "I want to win"

Yay! Vote for Katelyn A!

Vote me in the names Katelyn

i want to win says kate for the pollm SGA sec is my goal

i want to win the poll , says kate with SGA my goal

reflect and elect katelyn

Vote for Katelyn, Feel your Fate win!!!

If you want an A-go with Katelyn A!

Katelyn A will make your day!

Go Kat-Go!

You'll always win with Katelyn.

K.A. is more than O.K.!

Things will be A-OK if you vote for K.A.!

The SGA needs K.A.!

Katelyn - Klearly the Korrect Kandidate!

Katelyn - Clearly the Correct Candidate.

Have A Say - Vote Katelyn A.

Score An "A" - Vote Katelyn A.

No Waitlin on Katelyn...She'll Get it Done Fast.

Katelyn A is the way. Vote for me, do it today!


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