Slogans Posted for "a slogan understandable for 5th graders"

Slogan Project a slogan understandable for 5th graders


a slogan understandable for 5th graders


student council


A public school, i am a campaigner in it. I am 5th grade.It is for students. The objective for it is to get votes for me.


June 13th, 2010 at 12:20 pm

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Slogans Posted

give me u your vote nd get a candyfree

Back me lad and lass , I stand for class

galasuyte for me and you will have all

north south east west ,I am the bestest

gold , silver , brass,I stand for class

your vote u give me and get a candy free

"Ask and it shall be given", I ask for your vote

For your vote I stand i request your supportive hand

For your vote I stand ,a request no demand no command

I stand for our class, fail me not but pass

I stand with good intent for welfare of each student

Failing is not my style. Vote for me.


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