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Save Water


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We need a slogan to make people aware how important it is to save water.

The important message to get through is that water should not be wasted. We need to keep the reservoir to good levels to survive the summer.

The slogan should be inspiring in the sense that it is not only information but something where normal people can act.

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Slogans Posted

Turning off the water while brushing your teeth, saves more water than you think.

Life depends on water, the reservoir depends on you

Water is life...treat it with spare.

Saving water is simple. Help keep our reservoir plentiful.

Don't be a leak in the pipeline; Prevent water loss

Put a stop to the drip drop, start saving water today

Put a stop to the drip drop, start saving water today.

Save a drop, save your future

Whatever may be the occupation Wate preservation is our obligation

Spend water as if you have earned it

Be ahead of the drop. Save water.

Save water, save you, save me, save us.

Save water always

Every drop counts. Make sure you catch them all.

Save water Pave future

Want mental hydration? Think water conservation!

Go with the flow--conserve water

Save our water from extinction. Think water conservation!

Stop the leak's flow. Be the human fix. Save our water.

A small step to you, a major action to mankind. Save our water.

Turn on responsibility. Turn off the faucet.

Water = Life, Conservation = Future!

Don't wait til our water runs dry. Help our reservoir today.

Like time, our water shouldn't be wasted.

Save water. Save lives.

Save water today and gain water for a lifetime

Saving water - the guide to save your life.

Invest in water harvest It pays in the rest

We MUST save water. We MUST save ourselves.

You are 60% water. Save 60% of YOURSELF.

Tink tank, think save, think water.

Keep your world's blood pure. Save water !

Drop everything:water is life.

Watershed wipe your tears!

Good to the last drop. Hope you don't get to that one.

Save water today, Enjoy life tomorrow!

Each drop of water cost more!

Drop everything: Water is life.

Water matters for the world

Gas money draining from your pockets? Save more by turning off the faucet .

Want more money in your pocket? Conserve more water from your faucet.

Want to be green like a pro? Start by conserving more H20

SAVE WATER - Don't waste the world's blood.

Save yourself from having to save the double water tomorrow. Save today.

Make a big splash. Save water now!

Your body is 60% water. Would you waste yourself ?

Water: Here today gone tomorrow and so will we be. Save it : To save us

Water: Here today gone tomorrow and so will we be. Save it : To save us.

Don't let conservation run dry...

Conserve water like your life depends on it (because it does).

If all the water's down the drain, what will happen when it doesn't rain?

Be a drop in the bucket...conserve water.

When the water's gone so are we. Don't let the faucet drip ... drip ... drip ....

Water everyone, for everyone.

A hot summer without water? NO ! Save the water on our reservoirs !

You have no idea on how much water we waste. Our reservoirs do.

Close the gap; turn off the tap!

When you save more water, you'll never see the last drop.

It's in your hands to keep the world's flow. Save water.

A small step now, a huge step to our reservoirs.

Guys.. Be water wise.. conserve supplies

Save Water: Your life depends on it

Keep the wheel turning for water conservation

Water conservation makes me all wet

Without Water, We're All Dust.

Water conservation prevents the future from drying up

Complete the cycle. Save Water.

Save water, every drop is like liquid gold for future generations.

Water is worth over gold. Save yours !

Save water. Live more. Enjoy way more.

Thank tink, save water, think tank.

Fill your cup but dont waste a drop

Water is precious Matter is serious

Each drop saved is a life saved.

What do you meant we're out of water? (Gasp, cough)

Water is like cash. Save it now so you'll have some later

Dear World, please SAVE YOUR WATER! Sincerely, your children.

Save Water, Save a Life.

Give the saving a try. A harder try. It's saving water time.

Save water. Save a life.

If you waste water, we all waste away

Saving water is H2 OK

Simple actions lead to great achievements. Be a starter, not a leak. Save our water !


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