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I own a new pharmacy that recently opened in a medical center. The pharmacy has a very modern look, this image is representative of the look we have.

My pharmacy name contains the word "AUM", the pronunciation rhymes with home.

We are not the average pharmacy where each patient is just a number and the patient has a miserable experience. At our pharmacy, we aim to make the patient feel comfortable and cared after as an individual. For example, we offer complimentary tea while the patients wait for their prescription. However, comfort does not equal slowness. We strive to have the patient\'s prescriptions ready as fast as possible. We also offer many other services in addition to prescription filling, such as vaccinations, medication management, wellness programs, etc. Our competitors are the chain pharmacies.

2.What is the slogan for: The tag line is for the pharmacy, to put on our business card as well as other marketing material.

3.Slogan type: I am looking for a tag line, Tag line stays with the brand, not changing with each campaign like a slogan does. I want something that means something and is memorable, nothing generic like "we care for you" etc.

4.Objectives for this slogan:
What do you want your clients to remember?

A feeling of trust, confidence, being cared for, individualized attention, convenience (since we are right where their doctors are)

What do you want your clients to do?

A tag line that makes them want to fill their prescription at my pharmacy rather then take it to a chain pharmacy. Since this is a medical center pharmacy, it may be a bit of distance from their normal pharmacy. I want them to choose my pharmacy due to the services I provide even if they have a closer one to their home.

5.Media for the slogan (e.g. website, TV, bus, shop, bench):

Business card and other flyers

6.Limitations (e.g. words to include, number of words, characters, etc.):

Keep the tagline under 4-5 words, the shorter the better.

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Slogans Posted

Come Aum for Your Health

AUM is where your health is

YOUR pharmacy - Your AUM!

The Cure for Ordinary

Being unwell just got better.

Make Aum where your heart is.

Modern Pharmacy - Old Fashioned Service

Feel like you're at Aum.

Feel well at Aum

Your Aum Away from Home

Peace. Prudence. Patients.

A Little Local Culture

"There is No Place Like AUM"

AUM just like "home" pharmacy provides quality, personalized prescription, wellness and medical management services designed to nurture you and your family

Quality, personal care you can rely on for your prescriptions and all wellness services you expect, and beyond

AUM is where the heart is.

"You'll say Ahh!"

Your prescription for better care

Your Partner For Healthy Living

Modern Pharmacy - Old Fashioned Care

Your Well-Being Is Our Only Concern

Aum Is Where The Health Is

Where reliable drugs are sold

Better Drugs for better medication

AUM - a name you can trust

AUM for Health

It'll be different here.

When you're here, you're home.

A better place to get what you need.

We know who you are and what you need.

Relax, you're at AUM.

Because Aum is where the heart is

You're never alone

Where our patients feel at AUM.

Modern care; Aum caring.

We're your Aum-town Pharmacy.

Our pharmacists will make you feel at Aum.

Modern care with Aum-town Pharmacy.

Giving the Home Treatment Everytime

Going Aum Was Never Easier

Come Aum . Get well.

Come Aum. Be well.

There's No Place Like AUM

With AUM, feel like Home

We do drugs

Where Healing Is More Than Just A Process

You’re not a number – We Care

There is no place like "AUM" Pharmacy, Makes you feel at Home...

Redefining Pharmacy.

Professional Care...Personal Touch

Pharmacy redefined.

Your health matters

Aum is where your health is.

Medicine From Your Second Home

Feel at Home here at AUM

You mean a lot to us. So does your health.

Well looked after is the best medicine.

Care is as good as cure.

Keep the distance our pills helps

Keep it at AUM!

"Providing the world's best for your health"

Aum's, understanding what is important to you.

When you say AUM, Think of home.

Aum is where the heart is!

Drive in to drive illness out.

Got a prescription, then you got to be here.

Doctors advise, Rest we provide.

Modern standards with a personal touch

convenience of home

be convenient while we provide

your convenience and trust matters for us

your convenience and trust matters

your convenience, your trust-AUM

little comfort to stressed ones

little comfort in tension


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