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Company Name: MetaActive

What we do, we build really powerful web sites fast, host, and promote them for small to medium size businesses primarily in the state of Maine. We do this by providing a custom design and installation of Wordpress. We install powerful SEO and social networking plugins. A business can very rapidly get a custom, professional website, integrated with powerful marketing features.

We will also provide other services a la cart - like business identity, SEO, design, content writing, outsourced blogging etc.

This is a tag line, should be short to fit on a business card. Should emphasize our USP - that Small businesses can get a web site that doesn't look like their 9 year old brother made it.

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Optimize Your Online Presence - Now!

Your Online On Time Resource


Stuck on the web? We'll make you a spider!

A MetaActive web site means MegaActive results

Making clicks count

All you do - deal with clicks

Enjoy Traffic!

Make your presence felt!

Design to ease

Small doesn't matter, getting active does.

Big sites for small business.

We make online happen

Increase your online impact

We give your small business a big look. Fast!

Creating Webs, Connecting Everyone !

Boosting Your Online Presence - Always

Developing Your Cyber World

Empowering Your Online Presence - Always !

Maximizing Your Online Presence

experience unbeatable creativity

Creating an impact online

Actively Making the Web Work for You

Activity Working for You on the Web


Swift, Social, Success!

creativity works

...implimenting ideas with dexterity

Uprising Your On Time, Keeping you Online !

Expressing Your Online Presence - Always !

Creating Your Online Realm

Building Your Online Universe

Powered by MetaActive

You can rely on us, We live to Amaze

Blow competition out the universe with our star quality service

Tell little brother to step back and relax while big brother promote your business

Let us Make a Difference in your Web Design

Dot Com Commandos!

You're Never going to Meet an Active web design

We know the web - The world will know you.

Sites that make sense

Online, On Time, and On Target

Making websites that work

Professional Website Design

Giving your small business a BIG presence on the web.

MetaActive: Sleek websites for small businesses (and you don't have to hire your 9-year old brother!)

Where affordability meets professionalism

Big Online Presence for Small Business

Design with your business in mind

Your way your .com

Your Business .com

Taking Your Small Business to a Global Level

Helping Small Businesses Get Huge results

Huge results for small businesses

Content to check out; Web 2.0 to SEO. Hit up MetaActive for all your online business needs.

MetaActive makes Business Motive

MetaActive: Your Best Alternative

Linking your success !

Forging webs for your presence !


Quick, slick, and tailored to you!

Web wizards with the personal touch.

Powerful solutions for the small but mighty business.

Powerful, professional sites just got personal.

Powerful, professional sites.. a personal.

Connecting your Business to the World

MetaActive - For Ultimate Web Solution

Maine Frames From Ideas to the Internet

From Start to Site in Seconds

We Know

What You Want, Without Doing It Yourself

Our Business Leads To Business Leads For You

Fast Solutions, Professional Results

Top-Notch Websites You Can Be Proud Of

Everything a small business needs to have a big online presence

Fast Reliable Websites - It's What We Do

Top Shelf, Tech-Savvy Websites that Work!


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