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Personalized Children's Books


1. Background: makes the world's most amazing personalized children's book: Following Featherbottom. The book is the story of your child's name -- the entire adventure changes based on your child's name. Customers are parents and grandparents. New-baby gift buyers. (NOTE: The name MarbleSpark speaks to our hope of igniting imaginations. Marble is meant figuratively, as in brain, noggin’, And Spark means ignition, explosion, and combustion. So sparking your brain...)

2. Tagline is for the company as a whole.

3. Tagline

4. Objectives are to quickly and clearly explain what we do. Making it memorable is a plus.

5. Media: Most likely website only

6. No limitations that I can think of...

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Slogans Posted

where every child has a story

because every child is different, no book is the same

Where Today's Imagination Sparks a Child's Future

Igniting imagination to illuminate the future

Give Love through Literacy

Give your little ones the gift of words.

Marblesparks personalized books. Ignites the hero in your child

Making the stories your child will remember

Making the stories your children can call their own

Lighting the way for a brighter tomorrow

Matblespark: the adventure of your child's name.

one story but a lifetime of possibitities

Every child is special as well as every dream. Let inite there imaginations to a world of possible ones.

Personalized Children's Books Where Education and Creativity Combine

Unique books for unique minds.

Personalized Children's Books Where Your Child is the Star

Reaching for a child's dreams one book at a time

Spark an interest in books. Create a reader for life. Personalize it.

Personalized Children's Books Designed to Spark Your Child's Creative Mind

MarbleSpark Personalized Children's Books: Because each story is as unique as your child

MarbleSpark: Where Personalized Childrens Books Ignite the Imagination

A chapter in your child's life that will live forever.

Bring your child's life to life!

A Gift your child will cherish!

Helping Children Become Their Own Heroes

...because I'm one-of-a-kind, so is my story!

unique adventures for your unique child

personalized adventures for your child

where your child is the star

your child's story

your child's adventure

Tailor-made stories for your child

Giving each child a story

For every child - Individually

Where each child's imagination stars

Personalizing children's adventures

Sparking Imaginations Through Personalized Stories

your child's story begins with a name...

discover the adventure in your child's name

Kindle a flame. Read my story.

The power of imagination

Stories about your child

Inspire your child!

Spark your child!

the perfect gift for a child's birthday

Set your child's imagination ablaze with

MarbleSpark: Setting imaginations ablaze

a different story for every child

because your child IS the main character

because your child is special

because reading is believing

Hansel, Grettle, Cinderella and me....

Put your child in a fairy tale

A story book with a twist- It sparks any childs imagination when they realise they are one of the characters....

Where your child is unique

A book that honors YOUR child's name

Following Featherbottom: Where your child is the star

Give your child a story

Your child's interactive story book

making the child name special


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