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i want slogan for 5s implementation


5s implementation


1)slogan for service
2)slogan for the workers to remember to keep the place tidy and clean
3)there are no limitations for slogan

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Slogans Posted

When your place is in your face, you don't want it lookin' like a disgrace.

Work and clean, then clean and work, never ever will you shirk

Work and clean, clean and work, never let me see you shirk

A clean place is no disgrace, with service that is quick and slick.

Don't Make Me Mean - Keep This Place Clean

Your Mama Ain't Here - So Keep The Place Clear

Don't complain- Sustain!

Shine, and the world shines with you.

Shine, and your workspace shines with you!

Shine it like you own it!

Your Mom is retired. Please clean up!

Clean and Tidy = PRODUCTION, please clean up!

Tidiness starts at home, please let it spread to work!

Did you not drink your V8 today? Please Straighten up.

Trash out! Clean In!

If you spill it, clean it up. Otherwise you could land on your butt!

Feel strange when a single part of body is not in right position

Don't be mean--keep it clean

It's not a zoo--you work here, too.

You put it down, you clean it up.

A lean, clean, serene machine

Good Service Begins With A Clean Work Area

Your Work Area Reflects Who You Are

Work, Think, Be ---CLEAN

Clean It Like You Mean It


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