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Middle school co presidents


Barry and Imran


we need something convincing since we are running for middle school co presidents

We need something that rhymes too. I really need it by today


May 31st, 2010 at 12:20 pm

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Slogans Posted

Like doctors in residence, Barry and Imran will be the sickest co-presidents!

We like goats. We need votes. It's too bad that goats can't vote. Barry and Imran for President!

We deliver like the postman, for co-presidents vote Barry and Imran!

I'm a BIG fan...of Barry and Imran!

We'll lower the debt...from Dollars to Cents - Barry and Imran for Co-Presidents!

________________________(names of your opponents) are listed as "Also Ran",...bowing to Barry and Imran!

"Cream rises to the Top"...hence - Barry and Imran as Co-Presidents!

Our Platform - Not too Techie...never Sketchy - Barry and Imran

B and I / Do or die

Vote Imran and Barry, your wishes they'll carry.


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