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Catchy slogan for distributors of medical and hospital equipment


Medical equipment company


Newly formed company AdvaMed Care (Advanced Medical Care) focused on distribution of medical products and electronic equipment to physicians and hospitals.
Need a catchy, short slogan to use on stationery and web-site.

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Slogans Posted

Advanced Technology For Your Medical Needs

Let us be the heartbeat of your clinic

AdvaMed Care: "Equipment With a Life"

AdvaMed Care: "Nothing Less than Life"

"Doctors Choose AdvaMed Care. Equipment With a Heartbeat."

"Life is What We Live For" AdvaMedCare

Advanced Equipment Delivered in a Heartbeat

Advanced Medical Equipment Delivered in a Heartbeat

"AdvaMed is at the heart of care."

delivering products to the healing hands

AdvaMed Care: "Your Patients Trust You. You Trust Us."

Our Operation Cares About Your Operation

Delivering hope one heartbeat at a time

Professional tools for professional care

putting the right products in the right hands

products that save lifes

trust the products that save live

Care best equipped.

AdvaMed Care- The products you need when you care

Quality And Safety To Your Advantage

Making All the Difference to You and Your Patients

Because We Care Too, Trust Us with Your Needs

Tomorrow's Technology for Today's Medical Challenges

"We Want You to Want the Best. Thats us. We Care" AdvaMed Care

Your requirement, Our equipment and a new life for someone..

AdvaMed Care: "Equipment with a Heartbeat"

AdvaMed Care: "Our heart beats all competition"

Just What The Doctor Ordered

AdvaMedcare We Keep the Medical Industry Alive

Advamed...The Perfect Presciption

Knowing The Best's Always There....With AdvaMed Care

AdvaMed Care The Healthy Choice For All Your Medical Supplies

We Keep The Medical profession Alive and Ticking

AdvaMed Care: Is going places

For people who want more.

Only if you want the best

Bringing quality medical equipment to life with AdvaMed Care.

Bringing quality to life

Because survival matters, we deliver

providing the tools for advanced medical care

The equipment that extends your hands

All Med Gear Found Here!

We Deliver Quality

Trust AdvaMed Care to deliver better equipment in a time of need.

We Stand Behind Our Name

AdvaMed: Got to be avdanced when it comes to your health.

AdvaMed Care delivers the best medical products and equipment

When you need the newest, best medical products and equipment, contact Advamed Care

the newest, best medical products and equipment, contact Advamed Care

For all of your medical needs, call AdvaMed Care

No need to suffer: Advmed Care to your Rescue

Will Work in a Heartbeat

saving lives one product at a time

AdvaMed Care - for the Health of it

A to Z Med You try! We Supply

Advamed for all of your advanced healthcare requirements.

Healthcare Medical Distributors

Trust AdvaMed Care to deliver the best Everywhere.

advanced med care because we care

AdvaMed Care committed to excellence!

Medical quiptment and beyond

We distributor at your request

Care at the very best.

For the very best of care.

What cares the best.

Putting Health in Your Hands

AdvaMedCare Precision For That Incision

AdvaMed Care The Pacemaker

Call AdvaMed Care when you need it there

AdvaMedcare A Cutting Edge Surgical Supplier

Quality Medical equipments supplier, that is AdvaMed Care

Supplying Quality Medical Mechinaries for Healt services

We help you give generously.

Make a gift of advanced medical care.

AdvaMed Care - For Medical products and equipment we'll be there

Your search for medical equipments end here.

Putting Their Health in Your Hands

Supplying Lifechanging Products with Heartfelt Care

If you are not AdvaMed you are dead

Wait till you get your hands on this! AdvaMed medical equipment

The time is now

Delivering a greater quality of life to your years

Keeping you strong enough to fight ‘til the end

Go where the winners go

Think rapid delivery

When you care enough to deliver the best equipment to save a life in need.

Medical Product

AdvaMed Care at your fingertips

adva med care because we are always there for u

advamed care your health our motive

Health for All.

AdvaMed Care - I want more, I want Advanced Medical Care.

High-tech medical equipment, more respect for your health.

Medical High-Tech for Life

Advanced Medical Equipment: More Health.

Medical equiptment diversified

Medical eqiiptment from us to you

We are the best medical equiptment distributor.

The art

Gift with us.

We accommodate you with medical care needs.

here quality mingle with faith !

A Healthy Way of Life

Providing best medical tools is our topmost rule - AdvaMed Care


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