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Cape Numismatic Coins - We sell gold and silver bullion and collectible (numismatic) coins.

Slogan for company. Need a slogan thats catchy / clever and/or funny.

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Slogans Posted

Cape Numismatic Coins: We're Mint For You

Cape Numismatic Coins - Always Something Special

It Just Makes Cents

Cape Numismatic Coins - For people who want more.

Cape Numismatic Coins - Where gold is sold

Cape, Always giving you that Au factor

cape,where every ounce counts

Experts in Bullion...without the bull!

Because sometimes a weight gain is a good thing

CAPE..Worth our weight in Gold

selling our weight in gold

Cape Numismatic Coins - Designed for people who want more.

Cape Numismatic Coins - With us your future is Golden

Heads or tails...we've got you covered!

Golden Past Present and Future.

cape numismatic coins-where the collectors collect

cape numismatic coins-where collectible gold is sold

Invest with the best

where the treasures you find become priceless

Investment's Cape Crusaders.

easy as flipping a coin

the gold rush begins with cape numismatic coins

The Heavy Metal that Makes Cents

Because it just cost too much to be poor

Inflation, deflation, we keep you secure for the duration

Because financial security matters

Safety, privacy, rarity, value!

Invest with CAPE..Your finances in great shape!

Cape Numismatic Coins - Protect your future today

Cape- We Coin and Appraise

Cape Numismatic Coins - For people that like to say yes

Cape Numismatic Coins - Driven by Gold

You've always got time for - Cape Numismatic Coins

Cape Numismatic: Change Your Collection With Us

Cents and Sensibility

Your Bright Pieces of Life

BrIght Pieces of Life

Cape Numismatic Coins - The effect is Golden

Cape Numismatic Coins - Reach out and touch

Heads, you win! You'll "flip" over our great selection of collectible coins.

Cape Numismatic Coins - All you add is Gold

CNC - Golden Pieces of Life

Exaltation for the shine.

Priceless coins for a good price.

Cape Numismatic Coins. The Golden Choice

Buy golden coins with a golden smile

Cape, the only place where you can buy real coins.

where gold becomes treasure

Cape Numismatic I've seen the future for gold

Promise them anything but give them Cape

Cape Numismatic Coins - Protect your booty

Nothing acts faster than "Cape"

Get coins which coin the history

Cape nothing acts faster

For your future generations, jingle in your genes.

Giving you Bullion Bullarosity

whether new or old we sell gold

cape,when currency worth collecting

Gold and Silver coins. Like never before

Gold and Silver Coins. It could be

Think once think twice think coins

No bullaphobia, just quality bullion

you wont collect the same thing twice

Today coin, Tomorrow gain

Have a coin, Forever remain

The Heavy Metal that Makes Sense

Don’t wait, acquire weight for a secure future

Bounties Aren't Just For Pirates.

Because the future is not free

Change, Your Future

Because reliability matters

the hunt for gold and silver begins with cape numismatic coins

Laying a solid foundation for your future

Who Needs King Midas?

Experts perfect it...You select it

Capt Numismatic Coins: Let Us Change Your Currency

From the mint and meant for you

Cape Numismatic Coins: Let Us Change Your Currency

Get your bulli-on here.

Looking for a place to invest. Gold and silver is the best.

Go for the gold and silver

Money talks - coins speak your language.

Come on in...We'll flip your coin!

You'll flip for our coins!

Our coins are struck and you will be too!

This Bullion Never Sounded So Good

Treasure to make pirate jealous.

Cape Numismatic Coins: We Won't Nickel and Dime You

Cape Numismatic 100% guaranteed or your money back.

Bullchang, bullchang, bullchang

Gold and Silver Coins. Just for the taste

The best under one roof

Coins that jingle, gangle, jingle

Put Your Money Where Your Wealth Is

Day Or night

achieving heights beyond everest, choose the best and leave the rest-cape numismatic coins

Bouillon Kitchen or Precious Bullion, the choice is your

Cite and see - to believe

want some best gold and silver combination come to cape numismatic coins and have something beyond your imagination

want some gold, want some silver come to cape numismatic coins and have the best deal forever

Hot collectables silver and gold...we leave other tinpot traders cold!

Cape Numismatic Coins...We jingle all the way!

Cape Numismatic: Call us, Collect

culation reap the rewards of a company that provides a Gold Star service.


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