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Education, Schooling, Specialist, Consultant, Experienced


Education Specialist For Parents, Schools and Business
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Denyse Whelan

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Slogans Posted

Denyse Whelan - Education Specialist for Parents, Schools, and Business - "Educate, Inspire, and Achieve."

Lets not just educate the kids, lets educate the parents with Denyse Whelan

Denyse Whelan - Your Education Specialist For Parents, Schools and Business - "Helping to give you a start in the right direction."

Denyse Whelan: education is her vocation

Denyse has specialized education expertise

When specialized education is a must, Whelan is the name to trust.

Helping blossoming minds bloom

All children have gifts, they just open them at different times.

Every child can.

Education. Consultation. Imagination.

Every mind matters.

Fueling America's Future Founders.

Education for a Lifetime

Smarter Learning

Recognize Your Expertise with Densye Whelan

Get Ahead Of School

Let whelan show how a student should grow

Denyse Whelan, Professional Educator

Denyse Whelan, The Smart Choice

Education Action Planning For Career Success

Denyse Whelan, Education is my forte

Denyse Whelan, Education, Instruction, Consultation, Expert

Educational excellence personally delivered.

Expert education for discerning parents.

Denyse Whelan - Educational Guidance Expert

Experience and excellence in education.

Education Specialist A Pioneer In Schooling Denyse Whelan.

Denyse Whelan...A constitution of higher learning.

Get educated for your education , the Whelan way.

Put Denyse Whelan's extensive background and expertise in education to work for you!

Denyse Whelan is a tool for education

Sometimes children need a special hand, and no one does it better than Whelan can

Don't let you child's education take a fall, just give Denyse Whelan a call

When it comes to education, Denyse Whelan is that crutch with the special touch

Denyse Whelan - Education specialist can answer any question you have regarding your child's education

enyse Whelan - Your Education Specialist For Parents, Schools and Business - "Improving education, one student at a time."

Making A Difference in Education One Student at a Time.

see below

Communicating with educators is an education in itself. With more than 40 years of experience, Denyse Whelan can help you be the teacher's pet.

education consultant with 40 years of expertise

Quality expertise is the very least we/I can be!

"Because Our Children are Our Future Trust No other than Denyse Whelan with Over 40 Years as an Educator, and an abundance of passion she gives an expert educational edge for our future leaders"

Whelan Expertise - refining education through communication

For an Education Specialist

Professional-Experienced-Educator- Dedicated to achieving your educational goals

Denyse Whelan, Education Specialist for over 40 years "Helping you experience education in a new way"


How, When, Why


Parents, Schools or Business, Denyse Whelan Educates them all with 40 years education experience

Denyse Whelan provides "Professional Education about Education" to Parents, Schools

40 years of experience as an Education Specialist

"No one know more than Denyse Whelan about education"

Communicate the Whelan way - with 40 years of experience as an Educational Specialist

When education is a must, Denyse Whelan is the one to trust.

Denyse Whelan: Changing the ones who matter most.

Denyse Whelan the experience education expert

Expert education on educating

Denyse Whelan: Educating the educators

Helping leaders learn so others may be taught

Denyse Whelan: The best for you, so you can be the best for them.

Information Communication = Knowledge

Denise Whelan - Making experts out of educators.

Exceed Expectations - Excel at Education - Denise Whelan, Educational Excellence Consultant

Denise Whelan - Educational Excellence Consultant

Benefit from 40 years of Educational Excellence - Denise Whelan

A Wise Partner In Your Educational Decision-Making

A Invaluable Partner in Making Wise Educational Choices

Leave education on educated hands.

Education above all. Denyse Whelan above everyone else.

There is a correct path. I'll show it to you.

Education for achievement.

Get Denyse advice. Get educated.

Their education is their future. Consult the best specialist with great experience and expertise. Consult Denyse Whelan your educational solution provider.

Their education is their future. Consult the best expert. Denyse Whelan. Your educational solution provider.

Denyse Whelan - Education at Ease and Elan

Whelan, Denyse - Education Expertise for Dads, Us and Mommies

Whelan Denyse - Education Expertise for Dad, Mom and Me


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