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Bar Restaurant in a business area


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I own a bar / restaurant in a business area. We serve food at breakfast and lunch time. We also serve drinks and snacks typically afterwork hours. As we are facing now some competition we would need a catchy slogan that make our bar / restaurant special in the eyes of our customers. The goal is that they see us different and choose us for lunch and afterwork drinks.

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Slogans Posted

An Oasis of Good Eating, Drinking and Friends

Eat. Drink. Network.

Food, Friends, Fun

A Corporate Retreat

A part of your day

Your City Oasis

Your real social network...

Your friends are already here.

Come in and Complete your social networking experience over food and drink

Where Business Lunches

Leave the office behind

We facilitate great business decisions

Join Your Friends For A Bite

The deliberate way to liven your day


Your Daily Unwinder

Bon Appetit and have a fulfilling day

Cuisine from the hands of excellence

Off the Clock is delicious

Refresh, Recharge...Right Here!

Breeze in... chill's what we're all about!

Energize, Dine, or Unwind

A place to let your hair down

Stop in and stay awhile, we'll be sure you leave with a smile.

Let us be the ones to serve the very best you deserve.

Stop in and stay awhile, we'll be sure you leave with a smile.

Gather At The Campsite

Eat, Drink, and Unwind With Us

Munch our meals clinch your deals

visit again for business gain

The favourite part of a work day.

Pamper yourself a bit, relax with custom meals

your everyday specialty in food and drinks

The ideal cuisine de-stresser

The place to unwind from the daily grind

The place to eat, meet or simply retreat

Happy Lunch n Afterwork Drinks

Meals that would keep you active all day

Where Busy Bodies Dine and Unwind

Wine and dine on food made with you in mind

Great Food Never Stops Working

Best food and happy hour snacks for busy professionals

Bet your penny on something worth the try

Our business is what others call food

Dance to the tune of liberty

Dine in the noon and wIne when there's moon.

Dine in the noon and wine when there's moon. is delicious with us

...enjoy meals without blemish

A work free environment

Refreshing Food

Be a CHAMELEON--Food by Day-Drinks

Bar Bite’s: Bites' Here, Bite's There, whenever you feel like a bite.

A Good Time, from Day to Night!

For ANY time of day!

Your neighborhood off-site

The Power of Lunch

Your neighborhood off-site retreat

an equal opportunity lunch

It's a break...and we are there!!

have a delicious break in business!!!

breakthrough in break!

have a happy break...have us!

Life is our middle name

Worked hard all day, now it's time to come and play.

our stuff are extra coated with high satisfaction

we multiply your business

toast with our taste

Unleash your creativity


Relax you're home


Have good lunch

Have great lunch go for big business punch

Taking your mind miles away from unease

It doesn’t cost much to unwind

My eatery serves me comfort

Office fatigue? Kill it here!

eat ,drink

Time Traveler's--Breakfast, Lunch--Drinks and Fun!!!!

Here are no tough decisions.

An easy decision.

No tough calls.

No work allowed inside.






Brunch just got sexier

The Office Party

We don't just cook, we treat you to delicacies

You're the boss here

The Best Place to Begin and End Your Busy Day

Today After...

After Ours

Join us for a fresh start and a refreshing end to your day

For hearty and healthy meals choose us

Our Business is Your Pleasure

learn to enjoy your meals with us

We create meals that suit your taste

Savour something healthy in food and drinks

it's not our place, it's yours

We put the "neighbor" in neighborhood

Cheer Up.



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