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catchy tagline, not cheesy


termite, pest, home services company


1.Home Guard Termite, Pest, and Home Services
primarily residential but, some commercial
2.slogan is for service
3. Tag Line
Great customer service, affordable
contact us for free inspection
5. website, fliers, vehicle
6. n/a

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Slogans Posted

Your first line of defense against pests...

Solutions for a Healthy Pest-free Life

Protecting and maintaining Maryland's homes and businesses

Sending Out A Notice Of Eviction To Pests Everywhere

"Whe the Pests are out of control"

Stand your guard with Home Guard

HOme Guard ... Because Health Matters!

Maryland's #1 Pest Eradicator

Don't let termintes treat your home like a buffet! Call today for a FREE inspection!

Freeing your home and business from pests and problems.

Guard your home, get rid of pests. Great service is what we do best.

Trusted treatment for termites, pests, and home services

Homeguard...the name says it all

Homegaurd...Service that can't be exterminated

Homeguard...the best in pest

We Keep the No Vacancy Sign Up

Don't be bugged by your pest, You've used the rest, Now try the best!

We pester the pest.

Don't let your home become their home.

Keeping your home and business pest and problem free.

Protecting you from Mother Nature.

Big or small we get them all!

Let us work the bugs out for you

Uninvited guests? Call our friendly pest management specialists for a free pest inspection today!

Worried about termites? Call us for a FREE inspection from our friendly pest management pros!

Home guard services: They can run but they can't hide

Home Guard services: keeping pests away, for longer than a day

Trusted pest control and maintenance

when it comes to service, we specialize in best control

Keeping Your House A Home

Free Inspection and Referral Service

If they bug you! We’ll bug them...

Clean living.

For people who like it perfect.

Life is too short to be silly.

The doorman of a perfect home.

Cos, happiness and hygiene co-exist

HGT - Pest's worst nightmare !

HGT - Pests use their legs when we are around !

l Self explanatory

HGT - Pests and Termites: HERE COMES HGT !

HGT - Get ready pests, we are here.

HGT - You want your home pests out. We would love to do it.

Welcome to a Healthy Life

Get Pest Free and Life's Healthy!

professional pest handlers

Best place to buy termites

We deliver pesticides at your doorstep: u just pay us without moving a step

U pay least for our best services

When we inspect-insects vacate

We know the best way -To keep insects at bay

To get rid of pests, think of the best!

where we live , there's no alien!!!!!!!

We will make them "flea" your house

we get rid of unwanted visitors or ( pests) fast

don't get bugged by your pests

we won't bug you

you can bug us

Let us take care of what's bugging you

Spring brings all sorts of pests out of the woodworks. Call us today for a friendly home pest inspection.

April showers bring May...Termites!! Call us today for a friendly, free home pest inspection.

Welcome to a Healthy World

experience some great housekeeping.......

get rid of the the best!

Loooking for a home services company? Yes you can clean your home off pests and termites

Home Guard services: Your personal termite terror solution

Home Guard services: If they see us they will flee us

Total Protection Against Pests

where we live ,comes no immigrants!!!!!!

where we live, visits no guests!!!!!!!!

Because Your House is a Home for Humans, Not a Nest for Pests.

Trust us .The bugs will disappear.

Your pet need the best

Terminating termites.Creating Happiness

Never let termites ruin your happiness

Destroy termites at a call

Never fear the termites.We are here

Termite destruction is just a call away

Bugs and pests, you're terminated!

Because it's your home, not theirs!

Home Guard Services,Protects your Health and Wealth.......

making your house a home,sweet home!

Detect. Protect. Perfect


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