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1. It is a pharmacy, but we want a slogan with something that suggests/says about being hometown service.
2. We are servicing an older clientel, but that does not mean we do not have younger people coming in.
3. A pharmacy is just as much about the service as it is about the product.

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Slogans Posted

A hometown pharmacy with world class service.

For the best healthcare in your hometown...count on us

not just a pharmacy, but a family.

When it comes healthcare, nothing beats a hometown advantage.

The service you deserve from the neighbors you trust.

Our Service Always Honors You

Our Product Is Our Service

Building Pride, Honoring You

Building Pride, Honoring Service

Honoring Our Customer Is All We Do

Honoring the Future, Serving the Past

Serving the Future, Honoring the Past

Where personal service is the most powerful medicine.

Feel better. Feel at home.

Your Pharmacy Family

Hometown Hands Helping Families

Extending our hands to our neighbors

Serving Our Neighborhood Family

Serving Our Hometown Family

as part of the family our door is always open

where our family knows yours

We provide the best service for the best customers

We treat all of our customers like family

Providing local service for our local customers

there is a place like home.

Always there to care.

Old fashioned service with a twist of remedies and home delivery...

The heart of the community

We're part of your community

You always feel better in your hometown

Your family is our family

Your friendly down home pharmacy -- fast, reliable, courteous service.

You can trust your neighbor

Keeping the community hearty.

Your new best friend

Healthy and hearty.

Personal care for all the family

(Insert Store name), Where Hometown Service is Our Gift to You

The experts in your home town

you're one of our family

The drugstore that's your store

You Can Trust Us, Because We Are Your Neibhors

No snake oil here. Just friendly hometown service, a "howdy," and a smile!

We lookout for you

your family pharmacist

We're more than just your local pharmacy, we're your friends.

The products you expect with the personal care that you don't.

We take pride in our hometown services

Bringing back the farm in pharmacy

The pharmacy with a tender loving touch

Big city service with a smal town feel

(Name of Pharmacy)...where they know YOUR name

Family care for generations.

We keep you in mind in all we do.

We're your home for a healthier life


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