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dirt car racing


dirt car racing


It\'s dirt Thundercar racing. They race on a dirt/clay track. Looking for something short and sweet. Will be put on a t shirt with the website logo. Website is

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Drive Dirty

Drive Hard

Drive Hard. Get Dirty.

Let's get dirty. Let's get racing.

Other guys keep their cars on the road. We get dirty.

Feel the thunder in the dirt.

Life disgustingly stressful? Get back to what’s essential. Dirt thunder and speed, make it your creed.

Dirty Boys Go Fast!

Another one bites the

Eat my dust.

A lot of people will be eating my dust.

Let's kick up some dust!

Hear the Thunder ... from Central PA!


Kick it up!

They see me riding dirty!

Dirt or clay you can play

Dirt, makes racing sexy

We all love being dirty.

Hear the rumble of the thunder at

Men: We love beer, women, cars, and dirt. the BOOM!

Loud and

Got dirt?

Thundercar racing...Feel the BOOM!


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