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Slogan for new color visualizing web app


paint color

Description: is a new web app that allows consumers to upload a photo of their home and change the paint colors (wallpaper and flooring coming up).

It solves the problem of visualizing future home deco dreams without opening a can of paint.

We need a slogan to add to the logo. We currently use 'paint without paint' but this could probably be improved. The objective for the slogan is to tell people in one line what the added value is of colorjive, which is:
-Avoiding color mistakes and thus extra costs.
–Trying a lot of different options without actually painting
-Easy to use
-Free for one room, cheap for the whole house.

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Slogans Posted

"Paint your house with the click of your mouse'

Test the color not the paint

Your Risk-Free Virtual Painter

Home color simulator

Dream colors with opened eyes

no strain rainbo

what more can one ask for?

speedy results with no faults

Try it out before you paint it on

A temporary solution to permanent paint

Click it and Pick it:

Let your computer do the painting

"paint your imagination"

dont watch the paint dry

Let the colors of your mind run free, not the paint.

pull the app out, not your hair.

your tears shall run wen the paint does.

paint stains,colors change.

Your One-Stop Virtual Paint Shop!

Ready for painting?

Color Outside the Lines

New Colors, No Coats

Color My World

No Pain, No Paint

All the rewards none of the risk

Test the color before you decide

Get the perfect color. Don't waste paint like the others.

Get brand new home decore live, free and without hassle with color jive!

I color your imagination not only dream

Real 'no mess' paint

Pick your color, again

Deside the colour of future with us

because nothing is ever black and white

life is too short to dream in black and white

color your vision

freedom of expression

free your imagination

Where colors never run except on Windows

A world of color at your fingertips

virtual painting with practical results

Color Where colors run on online

Now paint with no stress and no mess

Fast, Fun, and Colorful, without the mess.

Dream it, See it, Believe it, Paint it.

Painting is now a Piece of Cake.

Paint without pain

Try it on

Get it right--every time

All of the creativity, none of the mistakes

Colorjive: the Virtual Home Remodeling System

Find the hue that's perfect for you...

Visualize the possibilities...

When the color is right, you'll know it!

Test your color before you invest in your color

See your choice before you live in it

Get your colors right

color imagination made easy


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