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We do marketing consulting, focusing on Internet Marketing, but we’re competent to advise on offline methods as well.

This is something I wrote the other day, trying to explain who we are:

“There are SEO consultants. There are SEM consultants. There are SMM consultants. There are PPC consultants. There are Email consultants . . . and a bunch more.

Is that what you want? Do you want narrowly-focused technicians who only understand a particular tactic?

Or do you want someone who understands all the above, and who also built a 50-person firm that was ultimately sold to a Fortune 1000 company? Someone who has real-world experience with profits and losses and business-building? Someone who understands how and when to use the above tactics as part of an overall marketing strategy that just happens to leverage the Internet?

That’s the kind of experience we bring to the table, and it’s why our clients usually see profits (that’s profits—after what they pay us and after what they pay for clicks or whatever) that are several times larger than their investment in our services.

If you want a marketing consultant with real-world business knowledge who understands all facets of Internet marketing, we’re your guys/I’m your guy/check us out/go here now/see what others say about us/or something.”

We want to position ourselves at the high end—the message being something like “We may be expensive, but we’re worth it because we’re good, and you’ll make lots more than we cost, so what does it matter what we cost”

One of the people in our space bills himself right up front as being “the highest-paid consultant on the planet“ (Most of his engagements involve at least a partial revenue share of the increase in sales he helps generate.)

We don’t want to go quite that far, but a tagline that says we’re the Rolls Royce or the Tiffany of consulting, without using those words, is what we’re after.

Our website will give an idea of who we are and how we think. We’re transitioning that site to this one, which is very much a work in progress.

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Premier Marketing Consultation: You can't afford not to hire us.

Been There, Done That! And we can do again for you.

Strategic Marketing Experts For Maximum Profit

Premiere Marketing Services for Successful Business

Marketing Services Maximizing Profits

We Help You Reach The Top

When you partner with us, you're in the best company

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Maximizing Profits With Strategic Marketing

Strategic Marketing for Optimal Results

Premier marketing for maximum return

Distinguished business consultancy

Marketing Your Way To Success

Your Success, Our Top Priority!

Strategic marketing starts and ends with us

Focus on sucess. Consult the experts.

Marketing your business to the world!

How far can we take you?

The top is just the beginning!

Gold Stsndard Internet Marketing

Marketing Masters for Your Success

Pay for the price - Dont pay the price

Achieving Success One Client At A Time

Superior - Professional -Experienced

Marketing Services That Deliver Success

Delivering Satisfaction, Maximizing Profits

WELL WORTH IT: Getting you on the PROFIT side of website marketing!

Premier Marketing for Better Business

Premiere Marketing Services for Superior Results

Generating Profits for you is our Bottom Line

Marketing that puts you on top!

Your Success is Our Vision

Your Ultimate Marketing Solutions

We won't stop, til we get you to the top.

Guiding You to The Top

Out consultants will put you In the Zone

Marketing that Makes Sense. And Dollars. Abe Lincoln in a Rolex

Honest Profits. And That’s the Bottom Line

Delivering Results Through Experience, Integrity and Consistency

Honest People, Expert Service, Unlimited Results

The Pinnacle Of Internet Marketing.

Profit is our Product.

If you want 'Your Shares' of the market... Let us market 'Your Wares'.

Money makes money. We make it easy.

Generating sales through Experience.

Count the cost, but 'COUNT ON' us!

Generating Your Sales.... for Generations to come.

Helping businesses help others

The first aid for ailing businesses

Don't rush, Just consults with us

Ignite The Power Of Marketing

Ignite The Power Of Premiere Marketing Services

The Marketing Success At Your Fingertips

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Click on us, your site to progressive marketing

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Your Practical guide to amassing gains

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All the Wisdom in the Marketing World.

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We take you to the pinnacle of profitability

The prestigious marketing consultants who will take you to the pinnacle of profitability

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We provide the means to successful marketing

Supreme marketing techniques for growing businesses

Business marketing is our field of expertise

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We make brands of businesses

Your Expert Guide to Great Profit.

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Pattern Of Marketing Success

you focus on website ... . marketing will be taken care by us !

Marketing the Success of Your Business

Premiere Marketing for Peak Performance

The Best in the Market

Expert marketing strategies to maximize profits

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eMarketing: Experience, Expert Service and Earnings that Rock

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We Lead You with our GPS (Global, Profitable, Sales)

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We Generate Sales

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Real knowledge equals rapid growth!

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Business marketing is just a game of expertise

Propel your business growth, consult the experts

Reach out to the experts in business marketing online and offline

Committed On Giving You Real Marketing Results

We became # 1 in our field by making our clients # 1 in theirs.

We are known as the preeminent marketing consultants because we don't rest until you are the best.

We Understand Your Marketing Needs

High-End Consultants for Higher End Returns.

Profitable Inexpensive Marketing Services

We Makes Marketing A Better Place

The ingredient for growing businesses

Convenient exposure for hidden businesses

Specialists in website marketing

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Let's Be Successful On Marketing

Intergrated Marketing Professionalism Towards Success

The Best Strategies For Your Success

Expertise In Delivering Marketing Services

Over Delivered Your Success

Optimizing Marketing Profits

Learn From The Expert In Marketing

Profting As A Successful Business

Success Is Possible With Us

Expensive But Exclusive !

Your ultimate site for web-marketing

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The Best Among The Top Professional

It's our business to make it yours

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quality consulting for luxurious earnings

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You Conceive it, We Help You Achieve it

Reap the Profits we Help You Sow

You Can Count on Us - More Clicks More Conversions = Higher Profits

Only the best for the best

When it comes to consulting, we're the Cream of the Crop

When It comes to Consulting, We're the Cream of your Crop

small investment for a far bigger returns.

From the Local Market to World Markets

Connecting You to the Good Life

Our Vision is Your Success

Let Our Clique Get Yours Unlimited Clicks

When it comes to website marketing consultants, if you want the best, you will click with Honest.

Profiting From Marketing

Reaching At The Top Makes Simple With Us

Mission To The Top

We Guide You To Reach The Top

Setting Your Sites Globally

Give Us Your Business, We Give You the Globe

Catch the Global Wave

The World is within our Sites

Where Consulation Matters

The honesty key fits, the marketing advice you want.

The honesty key fits, the marketing advice you need.

Marketing is the key to the profit door in the world.

Professional IMers Solution

Get You Stand Above All IMers

Partnering profits is the profit of promise.

Partner your profits here.

we are the brand ambassador of your website !

Profits that Pop

Expert Prophets, Divine Profits

Like a Good Profit, We Deliver

We Prophet, You Profit

Performance You Can Live With

You know your business, now make it Honest Website Marketing Business to help you grow

It's good to know but better to know how to grow

Make it our business to know your business. We'll give you the facts and put your on the right track.

A Unique Approach To Marketing

Best advices money can buy

When web marketing is tough, trust the honest ones.

Effective marketing equals honest marketers

We've already made our MARK in business,let us help you make your MARKET there!

Ad up your profits.

We'll see that you get the business, Honestly!

Marketing: If it doesn't make dollars, it doesn't make sense.

We Get Satisfaction From Your Success


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