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Title:Slogan for Stationery Webshop
Keywords: Online Web Shop Stationery Office supplies company
Description:We are a new on-line stationery company selling 16,000 products to businesses and consumers.

The slogan has to be short preferably three or four words catchy and punchy.

Log on to there is a new logo being designed but it is going to be very simialar to this one. The slogan is for web and will feature underneath the main logo.

Winner:All Your Office Needs
Title:we require a tagline for our brand Lotto Social
Keywords: lottery syndicate management platform
Description:1. Background:
We provide a lottery syndicate management service, in the uk only at present. Syndicates are where you pool your money together and buy more tickets together so you have a share in more than you would on your own. However to run your own syndicate is time consuming as you need to find friends, collect money, buy tickets for EVERY draw, distribute winnings. And you could run in to legal issues if you don't sign a joint agreement that that ticket is bought for a group, not an individual. Also what if someone goes on holiday or drops out - do you find a replacement, do you buy less lines? what if you forget to buy tickets that week? so as you can imagine, its a time consuming process to play in this way each week. However, it is a still a popular way to play - in fact in the UK, 1 in 5 jackpots are won buy syndicates (Lotto and EuroMillions). So now, Lotto Social makes it easier for you to join a syndicate. We provide ready made syndicate with never more than 49 players in each syndicate and we do all the hard work so that players can just simply be reassured that they can buy an on-going membership and never miss a draw again, or get extra lines for a big jackpot. EG. instead of paying £2 for one line bought from the shops, you can get 20 lines for £5 - therefore significantly increasing your chances of winning.

have a look at our website and our video to give you an idea of the value of a syndicate:

2. Our target audience
- in the uk (but we will want to go global) - 70% of the adult population play the lottery regularly (once a month or more) so it has mass appeal. We want to say ‘ if you like playing the lottery then you will LOVE playing with us as we give you so much more - a place to meet other lottery lovers, a place to increase your chances of winning and a place to win more than just the lottery - prizes with a millionaire twist.
- 1 in 5 jackpots are won by syndicates already so people do like playing in syndicates already and should know what the value of playing in this way, is.
- equal male and female split

3. Our points of difference:
We are trying to be more than just the lottery. Whilst waiting to become a real millionaire (hoping that our numbers will come up), we like to give members a taste of a millionaire’s lifestyle, with relevant exclusive prizes like: win a fast car driving experience (is it a lambourghini or porsche you would chose?), 5 star weekends away, spa days, give aways like Harrods Hampers (equivalent to Bloomingdales), plus cash prizes. So the aim is to give more of an experience to our members than simply the lottery (which is essentially buying a ticket and then seeing if yoiu have won). We are building a community, and have millionaire style prizes every week, plus in the next 2 months we will be introducing:

We are continually trying to improve the service wiht added value and in the next 2 months we will be introducing:
- giving away skill games and scratch cards for FREE. Where the UK State lottery charges £2 for a scratch card, we will give more value back by giving them away free - so customers can win big in other ways than just the lottery eg. prizes of upto £7k - all for free.
- we will also allow customers to earn reward points - for logging in, for entering competitions etc. these points can then be exchanged for small gifts like amazon vouchers, scratch card games, more lottery lines or some large prizes too
- offer other international lotteries to purchase, or get free tickets for eg. MegaMillions, Powerball (these may not be in a syndicate)

We are also probably the only site to actually buy tickets and organise syndicates. the other players pretend to buy tickets but they are betting services where they place a bet on the lottery - eg.,

4. Our issues in current market place:
- the people out there at the moment are betting sites PRETENDING to buy tickets for the lottery - they just bet on the lottery, as stated above.
- no one has mdd this in to a compelling product which gives really good value to the customer
- so there is lots of distrust in the market, so we need to raise the game and be a bit more hi-brow - needs to build trust
- need to be authoritative and credible
5. Current slogan
Our first strap line was ‘play together, win together’. We have since changed this to ‘More Chances. More Prizes. More Rewards’ as we wanted to convey that we are more than just the lottery and give them more opportunities. I also thought that the word ‘more’ could be played with in our copy. However we are launching our new website soon and i feel that we are not being clear that we are a syndicate (which means that our first strap line ‘play together, win together’ may work better. that said I’m sure there is a clever way of conveying syndicates and more chances to win / or syndicates and better value.

Other words we have been playing with include:

‘Taste the millionaire’s lifestyle whilst we wait to become millionaires - practice makes perfect!’

6. what we need and where it will be used
We need a new slogan that can be used under our logo i.e.. Lotto Social - ‘More Chances. More Prizes. More Rewards’ and so it will be used on the website, on advertising posters, on emails and ad banners etc. It needs to qualify what Lotto social is. A syndicate where you get more chances / where you get more….

We want people to feel we can be trusted so that the feel confident to purchase. and once they purchase, to feel engaged and keep loyal to us and not churn off.

Hierarchy of messages:
a. syndicates
b. more chances to win
c. we are more than just the lottery with other prizes and rewards

7. Tone of voice etc.
The brand needs to be fun and aspirational. It's about dreaming of the big one. Our imagery needs to be inspirational and our copy style is chatty, although that's not reflected so much on the website, more in our emails etc
Yet at the same time we need to be aspirational.

8. What we don’t want
- the words can’t be too long
- can’t be too clever - too much of a play on words, although we do like playing with words and make the slogan make you understand what we are

Winner:You have to play like a Millionare to win like a Millionare. Lotto-Social, the Millionares advantage.
Title:Logo Indicating Healing PTSD Through Mindfulness
Keywords: Beat PTSD
Description:1. Background: Dr. Keerthy Sunder has developed a Mindfulness Meditation Protocol which helps heal veterans who suffer from PTSD.

2. Our main catch phrase is Beat PTSD. We'd like a slogan that appeals universally to people with a military background for our web site and all content (PDFs, videos, etc).

3. This slogan will be a tag line.

4. Objectives:
a. Clients should remember that there is strength through healing from PTSD. "Healing Your Inner Warrior" was an idea we came up with.

b. We want our clients to take action to overcome the symptoms and suffering caused by PTSD.

5. Media: website, online content, videos.

6. No inherent limitations though we would like to keep it short.

Keywords: future , real estate , keys
Description:I am a real estate agent , new to the business, and want to brand myself. I do not want anything cutesy...I want something respectful, authentic and descriptive of my goal to sell my service NOT a house.

short succinct memorable

for business cards, postcards, etc

I want the words keys to be the focus as I will use a key graphic

Title:Slogan for ladies clothing boutique, upmarket quality merchandise, with friendly accessible staff
Keywords: boutique , clothing , upmarket , woman
Description:visit for look and feel, tag to Facebook page on website

Ladies clothing boutique catering for affluent women 30 years and older. Wearable style with a fashionable and trendy edge. High end, top quality, exclusive merchandise.

Customer must feel welcome and comfortable.

We pride ourselves on exceptional and friendly service and trained staff.

Need a compact, catchy slogan for all marketing material.

Must say: Here you will find quality, variety, exclusivity in a pleasant environment where you can be yourself.

Winner:BE YOU!
Title:Need a fun, hip, even funny tagline that describes a new small (practically organic) local farm
Keywords: soil , peace , local , good food , community , sustainable , growing , small vegetable farm
Description:1. Small vegetable farm located directly adjacent to a new large housing community in a college city. Community is comprised of progressive, educated families and professionals.
2. To be used as a part of our logo (our logo is a tomato that is a peace sign).
3. Tag Line/Slogan
4. Want clients to remember that we farm VERY close to the community (no other farm or store is closer). That they know us personally. That while we take growing vegetables seriously (sustainably w/out the use of chemicals), we are fun and quirky and creative.
5. To be used on Facebook and anywhere we use our logo (t-shirts, bags, sign, etc...)
6. no more than 6 words. would prefer less.

Winner:Be at Peace with your food
Keywords: Residential Real Estate
Description:I am a new realtor (female, 50 years old), but have multiple years of related experience, including purchasing and renovation of my own investment properties, decade in commercial management. Want a short but effective slogan for business cards, brochures, and presentations. I want to convey to clients that I will work hard for them without letting on that I an new to residential sales. Will most likely target homes in small towns in Texas.

Winner:Communication first. Integrity always.
Title:Hot product, Hoverboard, Self balance scooter.
Keywords: Smart wheels
Description:We came up with a new design for self balance scooter and launching the product in USA. Need slogan for it.

Our competitors are:

We came up with two slogans which we don't like that much. Need something else.

Version 1: "Where everyday is an adventure"

Version 2: "You personal transportation is our inspiration"

My goal is to get a very short and sexy description so that kids would want to buy it like an iphone

Winner:Propel yourself into the future
Title:Write a Concise but Catchy Tagline on Practicing Religious Tolerance
Keywords: practice religious tolerance , campaign
Description:1. school project
2. audience: Grade School to Senior High School students
3. tagline for a poster-making contest
4. a. make audience aware of what religious tolerance is
b. stress importance of practicing religious tolerance and how it contributes to world peace
c. should include these religions (Chritianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam)
5. concise but catchy tagline for a poster-making contest; not too short, not too long. Easy to remember, easy recall.

Winner:Acceptance Of All Religious Beliefs Is A Step Towards World Peace
Keywords: Mobile App
Description:ZOMECHAT connects attendees of events in real-time through location-based chatrooms. We're enhancing attendees' experiences by bringing the attendees of a certain event together in a relaxed, digital setting with one another.

Our slogan should be for the core of our brand. We want people to know what our app does right away, while getting them excited enough about our app to make them want to download it. This is really more of a tagline for our whole company.

Our clients are attending a wide range of events from conferences to festivals.

The shorter the tagline the better, but willing to work with whatever is necessary to get the best quality tagline.

Winner:ZOMECHAT-- The Connecters Connection
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