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Date: October 13th, 2013
Keywords: Sports betting futures
Description:I am approaching Las Vegas visitors who wager on sports to STOP betting on the games because "you can't win doing so" and convince them to bet on the Sports Futures (Teams to win championships). I have 50 years experience doing so.

Date: October 6th, 2013
Title:Recruiting Healthcare professionals to rural / regional lifestyle
Keywords: employer of choice , attractive salary , career progression , incentives , rural , nursing , health professionals , recruitment
Description:1.Rural Health Organisation
engaging health professionals in nursing, allied health, medical careers.
2. Recruitment of heatlh professionals and opportunities to work in rural health organisation.
3. Slogan / tag line for advertising job opportunities.
4. Work in health, great opportunities for career progression, salary incentives, professional and flexible team environments where staff can practice and grow, Employer of Choice, Be rewarded by working in Health. Looking for a rural life style change.
5. Slogan / tagline for print media and online job advertising.
6. Up to 12 words

Winner:Rural Recruits. Urban Rewards.
Date: October 5th, 2013
Title:Slogan to be part of our logo
Keywords: New Homes , Homes
Description:1. We are a new home builder who specializes in purchasing infill land/lots for development and then build new homes for sale. Our website is
2. Slogan is for a service business.
3.Tagline/slogan to be part of our logo that has been used since we started the business many years ago. Needs to be catchy, something different, however should clearly identify what type of business we are.
4. Slogan should identify exactly what type of business we are.
5. To be used with our logo in all marketing materials, including signs, cards, print, web, trucks
6. Try to limit characters to not exceed the width of our logo

Date: September 24th, 2013
Title:Say It With Style
Keywords: stationery holiday cards , invitation
Description:Say It WIth Style is an online store that sells newest and latest invitations, holiday cards, personalized stationery at affordable prices. Emphasis on great client service

Winner:First Impressions. Lasting Impact.
Date: September 23rd, 2013
Title:i would like a tag line
Keywords: accounting
Description:I am starting a bookkeeping/accounting business and am located in SW19 in London, UK. The business is called SW19accountants. I want to use th slogan/tagline on business cards, on letterheading, on compliment slips , on the website. I want my clients to remember that I will provide a professional service at reasonable cost as I am semi-retired. I want a short tag line - no more than 6 words.

Winner:We compromise on price not quality
Date: September 23rd, 2013
Title:Candy Girl Impressive Beauty
Keywords: Hair Boutique
Description:It's an upscale luxurious hair boutique & make up bar we specialize in virgin hair extensions & custom lace wigs.

We need catchy phrase for clients 2 remember for all advertisements - Social media, media, & print.

Winner:the sweetest addiction
Date: September 22nd, 2013
Title:Voluntary Blood Donation
Keywords: donation , blood , volutary
Description:This project is about enciting people to voluntarily donate blood. Most people, when seeing or hearing a slogan about blood donation agree that to donate blood is a good thing, but few take action. Can you create a slogan that would make people look forward to donating blood?

Winner:Your droplets of blood may create Ocean of Happiness
Date: September 15th, 2013
Title:Looking for a slogan for a new Cigar Company
Keywords: Cigar Company Slogan

-ONE 13 Cigars is a collaboration between two great friends who understand the balance and complexity of cigars and have a true passion for the leaf. ONE 13 represents a new life, not only the birth date we both happen to share January 13th, but the birth of this new cigar brand.

-Would like to utilize our logo (a Capricorn with large horns
-A Friends and Family feel would be great
-Ultimate Cigars Smoking Experience
-This would be a slogan for the overall company, we release different blends cigar blends base on life. Our first blend is called the "Prelude" our second release will be call the "Conception"
-Looking for a slogan that will create a personal experience and create a family feeling.

Winner:Friends. Passion. A blend of life
Date: September 12th, 2013
Title:A slogan promoting legal advice to protect personal assets
Keywords: Protecting Your Assets during your lifetime , Legal Advice
In the process of diversifying their business to include advice on Asset Protection (please read fuller information about the type of service on this competitors website

The Slogan will be used to describe the service which is giving legal advice on setting up a Trust and putting assets, including property into the trust. This has the effect of, amongst other things, potentially safeguarding assets in the event of becoming incapacitated and having to pay for nursing home fees. Clients assets will be protected and will not be forced to sell their property or other assets to pay for nursing home fees.

Slogan should make clients feel their assets may be protected during their lifetime from incapacity The slogan should imply that taking this advice is sensible and helps pass their assets to their beneficiaries but still gives them flexibility and control during their lifetime. It could also say its about planning for the next generation - their family. The slogan will be used on the website, and printed marketing materials.

Winner:Your Assets, Your Family, Your Way
Date: September 9th, 2013
Title:idea incubator requires catchy creative slogan
Keywords: we sell ideas , innovation incubator
Description:engage with corporates and public in general to gather ideas that we incubate into solutions.

We need a corporate tag line. We want clients to think that how everyone has ideas few people do anything about ideas. we turn ideas into reality. we connect people to brainstorm and create solutions. we want people to feel motivated to get involved or bring their ideas or problems

We would prefer slogans at 7 words or shorter

Winner:Aligning Creativity, Inspiring Ideas
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