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Date: February 2nd, 2013
Title:Im looking for a slogan for company or, tagline for website
Keywords: Marketing & Promotions , Event Planning
Description:My name is Jaja and the slogan will be for my company i&i Ent Group.

I plan and promote themed monthly event for ages 25-50 yrs old. I've been doing this for 15yrs.

Most of my patrons are industry, middle class, bottle spending clientele.

I would like a media slogan for website.

I want my clients to remember what I stand for when they come to my events or when hired to market their brand.

No limitations

Best Slogan:The party never ends
Date: January 29th, 2013
Title:Looking for a tagline to be a part of my logo
Keywords: online latform for art collectors to resell their art acollection
Description:website, that allows collectors of Black Art( art by african americans) to resell their collection. It is a secondary market that provides an easy, cost effective and relaiable way to resell art.
I want them to remember it is for reselling, it is easy, reliable, quick way to connect sellers with buyers. Maximum 38- 40 caharcters

Date: January 29th, 2013
Title:I would like a friendly hometown slogan to put on our uniform shirts, and menus. I serve breakfast and lunch. Thank you..
Keywords: restuarant , breakfast
Description:Sundance Grille Metamora on facebook, t-shirt slogan, friends,wake-up with us,home cooking,small town

Best Slogan:Start Your Day Sunny Side Up
Date: January 28th, 2013
Title:Lasting Memories by A & M
Keywords: Event Planning and Designing
Description:Newly formed company. Event Planning and Design Company. Slogan will focus on our service. Dedicated to make sure that each event has it unique, sophisticated, and exclusive style. We turn the client\\\'s vision into reality that they will remember for years to come.

Looking for a slogan to put on business cards and website that is catchy, different, and elegant. The slogan should be short, original, effective, easy to remember and must include the word \\\"event\\\".

Best Slogan:Turning Events into Lasting Memories
Date: January 18th, 2013
Title:CH -Translations
Keywords: Translation company
Description:CH -Translations is a translation company, translating into 30 different languages... CH - stands for either as a short cut for Switzerland,since the owner is Swiss and provides "Swiss Service" or as the initials of the company owner...
Looking for a catchy slogan to go for translation services

Best Slogan:Quality speaks here several languages
Date: January 9th, 2013
Title:Start Ups
Keywords: business coaching
Description:Our Company is called "Stress Free Start Ups". Our company provides coaching to the owners of start up businesses.
We have two groups of people who join:
• People who are in the early stages with their business and have no systems or clarity within their business and are personally feeling overwhelmed and stressed
• People who have a business idea but don’t know where to start

We provide a 12 month mentorship/coaching program. We conduct seminars and workshops for people to learn about business systems, social networking, blogging, mindset, increasing sales and productivity and marketing, to name a few. These seminars are also a great opportunity for our members to network. Our members also receive a coach who works with them one-on-one over the 12 month period to help them specifically with their business.

Ideal Client for our workshops - Male or Female 20 – 35 (mostly female) and are Gen Y, and soon also Gen Z.

Pain words - Overwhelmed, stressed, confused

Want to be focussed, successful, have clarity

We want our slogan to be memorable and the #1 company in our field of business coaching specifically for start-ups.

Best Slogan:Helping your vision become your future
Date: January 2nd, 2013
Title:New Software for Employees
Keywords: Viewpoint
Description:We are a civil construction company that will be converting from outdated software to new, state of the art software for our office and employees. We have two websites for both divisions of our company ( and We want to get people excited about this conversion and not be afraid of it. Want it short but powerful and will be creating a banner with the slogan for employees and customers to see when they walk in the door. We've come up with "building the future with a new point of view" "BTC welcomes Viewpoint Fall of 2013" Discovering a new future with Viewpoint". We want people to know we are keeping up with new technology and this will be better for the company.

Best Slogan:Make your point with Viewpoint!
Date: December 8th, 2012
Title:Pulse of women
Keywords: , heart beat , Women
Description:women portal that provides tips and news and features about all what women care about-

The look & Feel has a PULSE and that is the word or feeling that needs to be conveyed.

There is anotehr slogan in another language along the lines of \\\"all that you hearts for\\\" but it sounds a bit love oriented, so need to make it more towards your heart beats as in your interests.

It should not be more than 6 words at the worst of it. Ideal would be 4 words.

Its a slogan. Eg.

XXXX \\\"with your every beat\\\"

Ideas that already been registered:

Beating with your pulse
All that/ What your hearts beats for

Best Slogan:What her heart desires
Date: November 28th, 2012
Title:slogan to be used as theme for marketing campaign for 2013
Keywords: alternative fuel vehicle
Description:This is a slogan for a company that provide CNG Fuel Line Assemblies (compressed natural gas) for automotive manufactures who are converting traditional vehicles into alternative fuel vehicles.

Our tag line is \"We make CNG Fuel Line Assemblies Happen\"

Our audience is manufacturing engineers, quality engineers, etc

The slogan we are looking for is the expression of a marketing theme that we want to use for Trade Shows and marketing campaigns throughout the year.

The theme is TIME -- so we would do a series of campaigns using time such as \"Buying time\" (getting more for your money) -- Quality Time -- our great quality system. ETC

So we want a slogan that will tie in with the TAG LINE and include the overarching concept of time.

Best Slogan:Time After Time
Date: November 20th, 2012
Keywords: Customer Service
Description:I'm a Realtor and need a slogan to brand my business. I have greyhounds and could use them in my slogan, running, striding to stay ahead for you, etc. Customer service is my top priority. I live on the water and have a backgorund in information technology. I need something that appreals to potential clients and is professional and can be used for high end clients.

Best Slogan:Hound and Found
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