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Date: September 9th, 2013
Title:idea incubator requires catchy creative slogan
Keywords: we sell ideas , innovation incubator
Description:engage with corporates and public in general to gather ideas that we incubate into solutions.

We need a corporate tag line. We want clients to think that how everyone has ideas few people do anything about ideas. we turn ideas into reality. we connect people to brainstorm and create solutions. we want people to feel motivated to get involved or bring their ideas or problems

We would prefer slogans at 7 words or shorter

Winner:Aligning Creativity, Inspiring Ideas
Date: September 1st, 2013
Title:Slogan for a coaching company, providing business as well as life coaching. Simple, catchy, professional.
Keywords: create , become , being , possibilities , vision , purpose , become your full potential , unleash potential , think , change , move , aware , Inspire
Description:New coaching company doing business as well as life coaching, thus to individuals, teams and corporates. Slogan is for the service the company provides and the result it will yield. Clients need to remember that discovering/becoming aware of possibilities and opportunities and realizing it is both a possible and inspirational process and will lead to a more fulfilled life, you can be the creator of your own life/ success. Media for the slogan is on business cards and website. Short simple inspirational and impactful slogan

Winner: Inspiring Interaction for Inspiring Inner Action.
Date: August 25th, 2013
Title:PSD to HTML company
Keywords: Website
Description:Hi guys, I have been working doing psd to html services ( taking files from designers and convert them to websites) for years now and finally I want to start a website that will offer my services, I have a very cool domain

I am looking for a slogan to be used with my logo and to use for my marketing efforts

We are designing a clean, modern hip (hipsterish culture) Fun, professional

Winner:Ps d to html. as easy as chop chop
Date: August 15th, 2013
Title:Slogan for Law Firm Branding
Keywords: Firm , Bridges , Less Stress , Convenience , Relationships , Building
Description:I am looking for a slogan that's witty and bold.
It should be memorable of course.
The company is a law firm serving all of Florida.
We pride ourselves on providing stellar client services, excellent legal representation, and flexibility.
In addition to our full service business insurance law practice, we also provide a virtual law firm option that offers inexpensive, unbundled legal forms and coaching options.
We like phrases that can have a dual meaning such as "Honesty, a FIRM Belief"
Both of the law firm senior partners last names begin with the letter B so a slogan with emphasis on B words such as building, bold, bringing, better etc... would be clever.
These are just ideas, feel free to take creativity liberties!

Winner:Virtually Yours
Date: July 12th, 2013
Keywords: satisfaction , low price , customer service , integrity , high qualify
Description:1.ezbuy247, worldwide customers
2. product
3. slogan
4. low price, high quality, integrity product, satisfaction
5. website
6. three words

Date: July 12th, 2013
Keywords: door
Description:I am a real estate agent. I found a cool picture of a door that I want to use for my branding. It does not have a lock so I'm not sure if the work "unlock" will work in the slogan but maybe. I want it to be professional more than "cute." My company is Prudential and I work individually, not in a group. I work with buyers and sellers.

Winner:Your search ends here
Date: July 7th, 2013
Title:Online Mortgage Group - OMG fun yet professional
Keywords: Mortgage , Online
Description:1. We are a new business & this slogan will help launch our new website. Our customers are some what tech savvy and therefore generally a younger age bracket.
2. The slogan is to emphasize that its an online service, easy, quirky with an edge but professional. Memorable. A new way of doing business.
3. Tag Line
4. It's online, quick, convenient, fun and professional.
Talk to our online consultant and use our service to finance their new home or investment.
5. Website, Shop, Bench, Print Media, Social Media
6. OMG!
(possibly) Anytime Anywhere (they can access our service as it's completely online - non traditional) Mortgage solution online

Winner:need funding anytime...omg ..its online
Date: June 21st, 2013
Title:Velocity 7 Studios
Keywords: Photo & Video , Onsite Professional Audio
Description:Pro-Audio, photo and video (in that order of importance), Mobile Onsite development of prints, cd, dvds and blurays ready within minutes of events, performance, game, match, or gathering

Primary Customer Target: Event Organizers, people who organize non profit fundraisers, music festivals, community celebrations, anything that draws a crowd, for a performance or gather of large groups. We want our slogan to attract those people to use our services for their events.

Secondary customers end users at the events who would be buying prints, cds / dvds from us. This could include parents (with regards to kids sports, performances etc). This could include the members of the crowd, at a convention. Anything of that nature.

What is the slogan for:
I see the slogan as tag under our logo, the conversation driver for our business. It should prompt either a question, with us as the answer, or a chuckle or something memorable. I want our clients to walk away from our slogan thinking that we are the people who are best going to capture the once in a lifetime opportunity they are participating in before it fades, or is lost forever.

I don't want them to think of us as just video or just audio or just photo. I want them to think we are expert moment capturers, thats what we do we freeze split seconds minutes into memorable keepsakes they can have forever.

Key words and concepts that I think are appropriate and could be included either directly or indirectly include: speed, velocity, capture, moment, seven, light, sound, luck.

(If this looks like a familiar project, it's because I had it up last week as well, and selected a slogan that worked well for the direction it was going then, but it changed directions this week and I am giving it another shot.)

Winner:Hear it...See it...LIVE it
Date: June 16th, 2013
Title:New Business
Keywords: acrylic shelving solutions
Description:1. The name of the business is Clearly-Yours.
2. Customers are people with contemporary design tastes. (Think IKEA types of people)
Products include contemporary designed acrylic shelves, rods, bars, frames, etc for display of jewlery, ties, belts, art, photos, kitchen items, etc. The products can be used in an infinite number of combinations that will allow the customer to display their treasures/items in their own way on their walls based on their design choices.

3. would like a simple one line slogan similar to Nike's/Just do it.

4. I want customers to know its their choices, their design, their items on display and that helping them show off is what we want to do.

5. The slogan will be used for the company on business cards and website.
6. No more than 10 words. Would like it to be very short and quotable.

Winner:Showcase Your Style
Date: June 13th, 2013
Title:Follow Safety and Security Procedures
Keywords: construction , work , security , safety
Description:We would like to find a suitable slogan to remind workers to follow the safety procedures for their own security.

The slogan should be catchy, easy to remember and should make worker proud of following safety and security procedures.

Here is a bit of background on important facts that this slogan will help to prevent:

Out of 4,188* worker fatalities in private industry in calendar year 2011, 738 or 17.6% were in construction. The leading causes of worker deaths on construction sites were falls, followed by electrocution, struck by object, and caught-in/between. These \"Fatal Four\" were responsible for nearly three out of five (56%) construction worker deaths in 2011*, BLS reports. Eliminating the Fatal Four would save 419 workers\' lives in America every year.

- Falls – 259 out of 738 total deaths in construction in CY 2011 (35%)
- Electrocutions – 69 (9%)
- Struck by Object – 73 (10%)
- Caught-in/between – 18 (2%)

Top 10 most frequently cited OSHA standards violated in FY2012

The following were the top 10 most frequently cited standards by Federal OSHA in fiscal year 2012 (October 1, 2011 through September 30, 2012):

1. Fall protection, construction
2. Hazard communication standard, general industry
3. Scaffolding, general requirements, construction
4. Respiratory protection, general industry
5. Control of hazardous energy (lockout/tagout), general industry
6. Powered industrial trucks, general industry
7. Electrical, wiring methods, components and equipment, general industry
8. Ladders, construction
9. Machines, general requirements, general industry
10. Electrical systems design, general requirements, general industry

Statistics source:

Winner:Stay Safe Your Family Is Counting On You
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