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Date: June 16th, 2013
Title:New Business
Keywords: acrylic shelving solutions
Description:1. The name of the business is Clearly-Yours.
2. Customers are people with contemporary design tastes. (Think IKEA types of people)
Products include contemporary designed acrylic shelves, rods, bars, frames, etc for display of jewlery, ties, belts, art, photos, kitchen items, etc. The products can be used in an infinite number of combinations that will allow the customer to display their treasures/items in their own way on their walls based on their design choices.

3. would like a simple one line slogan similar to Nike's/Just do it.

4. I want customers to know its their choices, their design, their items on display and that helping them show off is what we want to do.

5. The slogan will be used for the company on business cards and website.
6. No more than 10 words. Would like it to be very short and quotable.

Best Slogan:Showcase Your Style
Date: June 9th, 2013
Title:Brand Promise/Tagline
Keywords: solutions for construction problems , cutting concrete , industrial services
provides a range of solutions for civil, marine, mining, construction, council- both public and private companies in the area of ultra high pressure water jetting.The company was started by one person Mark Turner who was one of the early adopters of high pressure water blasting. The company provides dedicated, professional services and has a record for delivering projects ahead of schedule.

2) the slogan is for the company as a whole

3) This is part of the brand identification/promise of the company

4) Clients to relate and remember that we deliver ahead of schedule are always compliant/safe (even though we are small/boutique we are experts at what we do - a bit like a prestige car or hotel). We are also leaders in innovation and technology for the sector and have the most advanced job management systems and robotic equipment

5) predominently the web

6) would like to keep to 10 - 12 words.

Best Slogan:We know how to cut it
Date: February 13th, 2011
Title:Catchy slogan
Keywords: solutions , resource recovery , environment , sustainable , future
Description:1. Growing resource recovery company
2. & 3. Tag line for the range of services,
4. Total solutions
5. To go on website, brochures and email
6. Shorter the better, no more than 6-7 words

Best Slogan:fxing tomorrow's problems today.
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