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Title:Debut Infotech is a software development firm and providing web and mobile solution to the clients all over the world
Keywords: Software development Services /IT services
Description:1: Back ground : Our company Name is Debut Infotech. we are off shore software development company


Customers : Our customers are entrepreneurs, small to mid sized business who need apps and web-application development services

2: We want this slogan on our offical website. Apart from that it will provide our voice to customers

3: Slogan : It shoule be small three words max

4: Objective : Our client remember , how we can help them and provide outstanding service

Refrence slogan that we like

a: Aceenture : High perfrmance - Delivered

b: Sage : your business in Mind
c:Siebel: Its all about customers
d:SCO : Grow your business

We need some things similar catchy , easy to remembers and customer centric

Winner:Vision becomes reality
Title:Corporate Slogan
Keywords: Oilfield Service
Description:We are an oilfield service company that provides equipment and supplies to the oil and gas industry in Nigeria. We are an indigenous Nigerian start up that aims to provide the Nigerian oil and gas industry with the essential local participation that it currently lacks.

Winner:Global expertise delivered locally
Title:Slogan for travelling agency
Keywords: attract more clients with appealing to top-level services we provide , travel agency
Description:1. Our company provides services for travellers from Ukraine.
2. The slogan is for top-level services we provide.
3. Type is a tag line.
4. Objectives:
- we care of each client;
- provide douscounted tours;
- our clients need to remember about our office in the city core and visit us for a coffee and hot tours :)
5. Media for slogan is website.
6. There are no limitations in terms of words and number of characters.

Winner:Journey is as much important as the destination. We make it all perfect.
Title:Need tagline for logo and marketing.
Keywords: mail service. , binding , laminating , faxing , scanning , virual office rentals. Document services; copying , meeting , training , Business Center renting event
Description:1. DMAR Business Centers a/k/a DMAR (pronounced: dee mar)
Professionals and Public.
2. Slogan is for business card and website and marketing materials.
3. Need tag line.
4. Objective is to be catchy and memorable.
5. Website, YouTube, ads, etc.
6. Limitations - Max. 15 words. Would like it brief.

Title:Hearts for Care (a nonprofit) needs a slogan. We assist senior adults who are aging in their homes.
Keywords: inclusion , service , relationships , caring , connections , community
Description:Our purpose is to provide a single trusted source for information and assistance. Services are uniquely defined based on available community resources and member defined needs. Services are offered and provided by trusted and trained volunteers free of charge. Assist is provided to connect members with pre-screened service providers as needed. Members have access to help with such things as routine household chores, grocery shopping, transportation, and yard work. Hearts for Care also offers social, educational, and wellness opportunities through the organized efforts of the volunteers within the community.

Winner:With Love, we help, we share, we care
Title:consulting on litigation cases
Keywords: solutions , results , analysis , accuracy , services , damages , economic , financial , disputes , litigation , legal
Description:Provide services on litigation cases. specializing in economic, accounting, financial, and damages case issues; perform a wide variety of tasks on all case sizes during all phases of litigation (discovery to outcome).
The work is done efficiently and accurately - quality results. Be a part of the legal team. assist on whatever task makes progress and yields answers. I am solo but collaborate with other consultants and firms.
15+ years experience

tagline to be used with logo, website and marketing materials
Ideally less than 5 words
simple, direct, professional, fairly conservative, rolls off the tongue - nothing \\\\\\\"corny\\\\\\\"

Winner:KRT Litigation Consulting...the experience you need, the analysis you can trust.
Title:I wan some slogans to use on my ebsite banners that are catchy and will keep visitors of the website engaged to view the site. the website is, but we are building a new one.
Keywords: commodi , premeir brokering services , client interestd first , trust , Sweet futures set high standards for clients , confidence in the financial industry , finacial integrity , excellent customer service , experience , futures and options , commodity brokerage firm , website
Description:1)Established in 2010, Sweet Futures is an Independent Introducing brokerage firm that provides a unique approach to commodity clearing and brokerage services & on-boarding, for a wide-array of clientele. Our management team has over 150 years of combined futures industry experience. The open architecture of Sweet Futures provides clients with access to selected FCM’s, Portals and a multitude of front-end trading platforms. Our multi-FCM platform affords balance sheet comfort thresholds to meet our client requirements. The collective global reach of these FCM’s provides clients with world-wide access to the marketplace of choice. Sweet Futures global market place provides option execution soft and agricultural commodities. for energy, metals, grains, livestock and soft commodity products. Our execution desk specializes in brokering tailored option structures across all commodity futures markets. Our Over-the-Counter business for Foreign Exchange and OTC Broking further provides liquidity and offers direct counterparty credit functionality and leveraged financing for our clients. Our objective is to provide value, more competitive market pricing, and provide our clients with exceptional customer service. We are a brokerage firm that opens doors for its clients.

Our customers are hedgers,
commodity producers professional traders, managed futures funds, banks, hedge funds, meat producers

2)new website home page, Banner, and product and services if I like your service.

3)Our current slogan is "boutique firm with a global reach" Any types will do. Slogan or tagline. Want something catchy.

4)objective is to relay to our clients we are experienced and innovative in what we do, we are looking out for our clients best interest, we have ethics and set high expectations when dealing with customers. We offer great customer service in an industry that has been taken over by technology. We want to forge strong bonds with our clients.


6) not sure. For regulatory reasons we can not use the words "best" "expert" etc.

Winner:It's Your Future. We Help Make It Sweet.
Keywords: satisfaction , low price , customer service , integrity , high qualify
Description:1.ezbuy247, worldwide customers
2. product
3. slogan
4. low price, high quality, integrity product, satisfaction
5. website
6. three words

Title:Brand Promise/Tagline
Keywords: solutions for construction problems , cutting concrete , industrial services
provides a range of solutions for civil, marine, mining, construction, council- both public and private companies in the area of ultra high pressure water jetting.The company was started by one person Mark Turner who was one of the early adopters of high pressure water blasting. The company provides dedicated, professional services and has a record for delivering projects ahead of schedule.

2) the slogan is for the company as a whole

3) This is part of the brand identification/promise of the company

4) Clients to relate and remember that we deliver ahead of schedule are always compliant/safe (even though we are small/boutique we are experts at what we do - a bit like a prestige car or hotel). We are also leaders in innovation and technology for the sector and have the most advanced job management systems and robotic equipment

5) predominently the web

6) would like to keep to 10 - 12 words.

Winner:We know how to cut it
Keywords: Customer Service
Description:I'm a Realtor and need a slogan to brand my business. I have greyhounds and could use them in my slogan, running, striding to stay ahead for you, etc. Customer service is my top priority. I live on the water and have a backgorund in information technology. I need something that appreals to potential clients and is professional and can be used for high end clients.

Winner:Hound and Found
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