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Title:slogan for brochure cover (brochure – presentation folder containing product line card on inner covers pocket with slit for business card USB catalog)
Keywords: custom products , contract manufacturing , offshore manufacturing , product redesign , product design , sourcing , outsourcing , building and construction materials , local knowledge of the building industry , global expertise
Description:1. a manufacturer’s representative firm operating in the Caribbean, Latin and South America.

2. Focus mainly on building materials but also engage in sourcing, product design/redesign, and manufacturing.

3. Targeting group will be distributors of building and construction materials, contractors, developers of housing projects, hotels/apartment projects, offices and commercial buildings, road and sea defense construction, personnel within the construction industry with authority to influence purchase decisions, manufacturers of furniture, doors and windows, etc

4. It is important to note also that all our products complement each other and we do some amount of cross selling in a sense, for example, if we are supplying materials for a hotel project very likely we will also supply hotel furniture etc totally unrelated to building/construction materials.

Any attention grabbing statement/curiosity statement that will stimulate our target group interest in finding out more about our products and services will be welcome.

Winner:More Than Just Construction..Take A Look
Title:Slogan for software startup
Keywords: designers , programmers , engineers , outsourcing , IT company , software house
Description:We do software development with activities like:

* Computer software Development and support
* Web-design/development
* Mobile/Smart-phone applications
* IT-consulting
* Quality Assurance
* Other professional services

The name of the company has so far been written as 'Tech Troll', 'techtroll', or 'techtrolls'

Here is the logo we are working on

Winner:Excellence. Innovation. Expertise.
Title:Need a slogan for software start-up
Keywords: IT service provider , outsourcing , software development
Description:Hi All,

I am in process of designing a logo for my software company.

Since it is only starting up, I do not have much customers or accomplished project. My start-up is a typical software development company with activities like:

* Web-design
* IT-consulting
* Software Development and support
* Quality Assurance
* Other professional services

The name of the company is "Softprise Development". My initial slogan was "Software Development for your Enterprise", but I find it too long and not very nice.

Thanks in advance for suggestions!

Winner:Innovations through imagination!
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