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Title:Need a fun, hip, even funny tagline that describes a new small (practically organic) local farm
Keywords: soil , peace , local , good food , community , sustainable , growing , small vegetable farm
Description:1. Small vegetable farm located directly adjacent to a new large housing community in a college city. Community is comprised of progressive, educated families and professionals.
2. To be used as a part of our logo (our logo is a tomato that is a peace sign).
3. Tag Line/Slogan
4. Want clients to remember that we farm VERY close to the community (no other farm or store is closer). That they know us personally. That while we take growing vegetables seriously (sustainably w/out the use of chemicals), we are fun and quirky and creative.
5. To be used on Facebook and anywhere we use our logo (t-shirts, bags, sign, etc...)
6. no more than 6 words. would prefer less.

Winner:Be at Peace with your food
Title:Hearts for Care (a nonprofit) needs a slogan. We assist senior adults who are aging in their homes.
Keywords: inclusion , service , relationships , caring , connections , community
Description:Our purpose is to provide a single trusted source for information and assistance. Services are uniquely defined based on available community resources and member defined needs. Services are offered and provided by trusted and trained volunteers free of charge. Assist is provided to connect members with pre-screened service providers as needed. Members have access to help with such things as routine household chores, grocery shopping, transportation, and yard work. Hearts for Care also offers social, educational, and wellness opportunities through the organized efforts of the volunteers within the community.

Winner:With Love, we help, we share, we care
Title:sporTwits.Net slogan/tagline
Keywords: Online Sports Betting community
Description:1. is an online social network style community similar to that of twitter and facebook. Users come to the site and talk about their bets, you can follow people, or develop a following of your own. We are the first site like this, most communities are just on message boards.

2. The slogan will be used for our brand image, the thing people remember us by.

3. Slogan will be used on the website, and our logos.

4. We like things quick and short, to the point. Thats the idea behind the whole site as we limit people's characters in their posts similar to twitter. So something like... " on" or something like "sportwits - your platform. your ideas. your name." Try to keep it between 2-6/8 words!

Good luck!

Winner:Share the wits.
Title:Rhythmic Resources
Keywords: harmonic relationships , stress reduction , community , healthRHYTHMS , drumming , wellness , service
Description:1. My company is Rhythmic Resources, I provide clients with HealthRHYTHMS, which is a protocol of rhythmic activities performed primarily on drums. The sessions are to increase wellness, reduce stress, increase community and connections with other people, and provide for creative and non verbal expression. Populations served: School children (I am a Music teacher in elementary school and use HealthRhythms with an autistic class, stressed children and also in my regular music classes; as well as in holistic health settings; any group of stressed children, adults, seniors, or for teambuilding/connecting groups of any age.
2. The slogan is for a service and
3.I would like to use it on my website.
4. I want clients to remember that we need to connect, be well, reduce stress. I want clients to know they don\'t need to have musical talent or experience to connect using drums and rhythm, that it is FUN and easy!
I want clients to enjoy the process of connecting through rhythms.
5. Website use
6. Right now, no limitations, except no Remo HealthRHYTHMS because that belongs to Remo Inc. I am trained to provide the HealthRHYTHMS protocol, but can only use the logo provided by the company.

Winner:With Rhythm Comes Balance. With Balance Comes Peace. Find Your Peace With Rhythmic Resources.
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