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Date: February 9th, 2011
Title:Looking for a slogan for business cards, web-use, marketing
Keywords: cleaning service
Description:Im looking something that is short - 6-8 words, classy but catchy.
The business name is A Fresh Start. We provide cleaning services to commercial office buildings and post construction clean ups for new residential homes I want the slogan to portray accountability, reliability, punctuality, and/or new beginnings. A slogan for this company should lead clients to remember good days are ahead of them - we will help them look good so their business will succeed. It cant be too "cutesy" because Ill be marketing to construction companies. Something like that - Thanks!!

Winner:Looking for a reliable, trustworthy company to clean up the past and make your future sparkle? Then take a fresh start and come together with us for a new beginning. Fresh Start is your answer to all of life's dirt.
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