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Date: September 29th, 2012
Title:New Pharmacy
Keywords: , convenience , quality , ease , pharmacy
Description:Looking for a great slogan for a new pharmacy that will be located in doctor's offices and/or will deliver the medications to patients homes. The pharmacy's name is MedzDirect and is going to be for patients in the US. The slogan will be used as a tag line in advertising material and in the logo.

Winner:Just what the doctor ordered.
Date: February 15th, 2011
Title:Modern Pharmacy
Keywords: pharmacy

I own a new pharmacy that recently opened in a medical center. The pharmacy has a very modern look, this image is representative of the look we have.

My pharmacy name contains the word "AUM", the pronunciation rhymes with home.

We are not the average pharmacy where each patient is just a number and the patient has a miserable experience. At our pharmacy, we aim to make the patient feel comfortable and cared after as an individual. For example, we offer complimentary tea while the patients wait for their prescription. However, comfort does not equal slowness. We strive to have the patient\'s prescriptions ready as fast as possible. We also offer many other services in addition to prescription filling, such as vaccinations, medication management, wellness programs, etc. Our competitors are the chain pharmacies.

2.What is the slogan for: The tag line is for the pharmacy, to put on our business card as well as other marketing material.

3.Slogan type: I am looking for a tag line, Tag line stays with the brand, not changing with each campaign like a slogan does. I want something that means something and is memorable, nothing generic like "we care for you" etc.

4.Objectives for this slogan:
What do you want your clients to remember?

A feeling of trust, confidence, being cared for, individualized attention, convenience (since we are right where their doctors are)

What do you want your clients to do?

A tag line that makes them want to fill their prescription at my pharmacy rather then take it to a chain pharmacy. Since this is a medical center pharmacy, it may be a bit of distance from their normal pharmacy. I want them to choose my pharmacy due to the services I provide even if they have a closer one to their home.

5.Media for the slogan (e.g. website, TV, bus, shop, bench):

Business card and other flyers

6.Limitations (e.g. words to include, number of words, characters, etc.):

Keep the tagline under 4-5 words, the shorter the better.

Winner:Come Aum for Your Health
Date: May 16th, 2010
Title:Slogan for a Hometown Pharmacy
Keywords: Pharmacy
Description:1. It is a pharmacy, but we want a slogan with something that suggests/says about being hometown service.
2. We are servicing an older clientel, but that does not mean we do not have younger people coming in.
3. A pharmacy is just as much about the service as it is about the product.

Winner:A hometown pharmacy with world class service.
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