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Title:A catchy slogan for Event Vendor listing company
Keywords: vendors , Event
Description:It is a website that facilitates the user to search for vendors in their location for different aspects of their party like for bridal dresses, party clowns, party favors, Wedding cakes etc ..... It is a website like but for all events

I need a catchy slogan that communicates that the purpose of the website and the ease with which a user can host a party by finding the perfect vendors by coming to our site.

I want the clients to be able to remember the slogan and use it in their daily life

One slogan i like is : Life is calling .... where are you? Something similar to this will be nice

Winner:Every Occasion Deserves To Be Momentous
Title:Need tagline for logo and marketing.
Keywords: mail service. , binding , laminating , faxing , scanning , virual office rentals. Document services; copying , meeting , training , Business Center renting event
Description:1. DMAR Business Centers a/k/a DMAR (pronounced: dee mar)
Professionals and Public.
2. Slogan is for business card and website and marketing materials.
3. Need tag line.
4. Objective is to be catchy and memorable.
5. Website, YouTube, ads, etc.
6. Limitations - Max. 15 words. Would like it brief.

Title:Chubby Hubby Catering
Keywords: Catering & Event Planning company
Description:Has a cute girl chef in the logo. Will do any event, family get togethers, birthdays, sporting events, community events, corporate events, etc.

The waistline always expands on the hubby after he is exposed to the continuous great cooking his wife provides....

Plan the event as well in terms of decorations, invitations etc.

Winner:We get the buttons poppin' at any event!
Title:Cheryl's Creations
Keywords: memorable , simple , elegant , event decor , creative event/party planninng
Description:Customers: personal event planning such as bridal, baby showers, rehearsal dinners, birthday parties, etc.
Slogan is for tag line and service provided
I want the clients to choose cheryl\'s creations because they are looking for a simple, stylish, memorable, and elegant affair
Media for slogan will be on biz card, promotional materials,website
short and catchy slogan - not too wordy
personalized celebrations

Winner:Memories matter. We will make your event unforgettable.
Title:Im looking for a slogan for company or, tagline for website
Keywords: Marketing & Promotions , Event Planning
Description:My name is Jaja and the slogan will be for my company i&i Ent Group.

I plan and promote themed monthly event for ages 25-50 yrs old. I've been doing this for 15yrs.

Most of my patrons are industry, middle class, bottle spending clientele.

I would like a media slogan for website.

I want my clients to remember what I stand for when they come to my events or when hired to market their brand.

No limitations

Winner:The party never ends
Title:Lasting Memories by A & M
Keywords: Event Planning and Designing
Description:Newly formed company. Event Planning and Design Company. Slogan will focus on our service. Dedicated to make sure that each event has it unique, sophisticated, and exclusive style. We turn the client\\\'s vision into reality that they will remember for years to come.

Looking for a slogan to put on business cards and website that is catchy, different, and elegant. The slogan should be short, original, effective, easy to remember and must include the word \\\"event\\\".

Winner:Turning Events into Lasting Memories
Title:imevents, inc.
Keywords: event planning and design
Description:Full service event planning and design company. Private, Corporate and Not for profits events. Something chic, professional and catch (of course :)

website is

Keywords: foral & event design
Description:Slogan for a marketing campaign focused on brides to be. Could in include a free it with to accent slogan/tag line. Business is very unique to the our area. As rural and very little competition. We design and rent equipment, handle the floral arrangements, and do unique wedding party gifts.

Winner:tie the knot with ease
Keywords: planning , Event
Business Cards
Brides, corporate events
Remember the tag line
Church groups
non-profit events
6 words

Winner:From the first Invitation, to the last Farewell, it will be Un....... Y....!
Title:slogan for edgy event planners - focus on weddings
Keywords: rose et noir events , planning , wedding
Description:1. we are a toronto wedding planning company that caters to the non-traditional. We specialize in anything off the beaten path.
2.slogan is to be used on our website/promotional material that advertises our services.
3. i\'m assuming tagline
4. well, our first objecting would be to get our clients to hire us! or at the very least remember us when they need our services.
5. website, printed items
6. don\'t include the words \"fairy tale\" or anything too girly frou frou. We are not disney....

Winner:We don't just love Event Planning... we're married to it.
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