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Date: September 1st, 2010
Title:a slogans that shows the nature of our unique sourcing and distributor business and shows the features of our products, low energy consumption, low cost, highly reliable, high quality, excellent industrial reputation over seventy years
Keywords: Industrial Equipments Sourcing and Distribution , Electric Vehicles , Electric Motors
Description:1. Background:
My business name is : Vikitec LLC, I just opened it recently.
Main business of Vikitec LLC is to source and distribute electric motors, electric vehicles and industrial equipments which are manufactured by XEMC, a prestigious electric motors, electric vehicles and industrial equipment manufacturer in China.
Company website is still under construction.
2. What is the slogan for:
The slogan is for the sourcing and distribution services that Vikitec LLC provides and the excellent products it sells, sources and distributes.

3. Slogan type:
The slogan will be used under the company name Vikitec LLC, which will be presented on business cards, company website, brochure, letter head, etc.

4. Objective:

Easy for people to remember my sourcing and distributing business for low energy consumption and low cost electric motors, electric vehicles and industrial equipments.

5. Media for the slogan:
Website, business cards, brochures, letter heads
6. Limitation:


Winner:...electrifying your needs
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