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Date: March 21st, 2012
Title:Providing hope for the children of Haiti
Keywords: Chairty , Family , Children
Description:1. Three Angels Children's Relief operates an orphanage, school, clinic and job creation in Haiti. Our goal is to keep families together by providing pathways of opportunity (school, education, job creation), to create a safe haven for those in crisis (childcare and medical care) and to place orphaned children with families when there is no other option. Our customer are our donor base: mostly Christian churches, soccer moms and those interested in development.
2. Website & other collateral material
3. Tagline and / or slogan. We currently have 'Providing Hope for Haiti's Children', but it is a bit trite and give a good characterization that is memorable and motivating.
4. That we do 'charity' differently. We are about partnering with families and developing futures. We support mothers and help them raise future leaders. We work within the context of a small community; working to change one child, one family, one community at a time. Three Angels does not do hand-outs. We seek to do no harm.

We want donors to feel like participants in the care of children and their families. Because we are small and are about relationships, we want them to view their donations as investments, not hand-outs.

Obviously - we want our clients to give generously and expect a great return on their giving.

5. Website, print & electronic media.

6. The shorter, the better. The focus in on children and family and our integrated approach to their care.

Winner:Empowering Haitian families for the future
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