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Date: December 25th, 2011
Title:Web, Print, Design
Keywords: Online Marketing , Print Design , Branding , Web Design
Description:Pixel Chefs, LLC. (our Customers are small to medium size companies usually with low budget projects)
The slogan should promote our Web Design Branding and Internet Marketing ( that we can help by combining all of them delivering better results)
We would like a Tag Line and a slogan.
I want clients to remember the services we offer and that we care about their project we are a small company and they are not just a number for us.
This will be used on the site, advertising(magazines) and B-card.
Limitations make it simple not more than 2 lines of text.

Winner:Building your business, one byte at a time!
Date: September 26th, 2010
Title:Bara' design creative tagline
Keywords: branding , graphic design , websites , design
Description:1. Background_________________________
Bara’ is a Gold Coast website design firm specializing in quality, award winning design.
Bara’ works with small start-up businesses, as well high-end professional organizations to deliver digital branding they’ll love.
Our core services include website design and development, email marketing, content management systems, graphic design and branding.

The word Bara' is Hebrew for 'Formed out of nothing' or 'innovately created' - creative, innovative, formation, original etc.

2. Unique selling proposition__________
Bara' nurtures each project - hand coding each website, taking pride in providing the best looking and working result. We don't rush it! Quality over quantity.

3. What is it for?______________________
The slogan will be used as a tagline/positioning statement on all outgoing advertising for the firm.

4. Objectives_________________________
We'd like a creative statement that's short, insightful (think marketing), perhaps witty and enables to reader to know the service offering.
Reader should remember our differentiation - quality.

5. Limitations________________________
Max 6 words please
Try to link in with the definition of Bara'

6. Some ideas _______________________
We're in the communications business - we communicate ideas through design
Digital communication, digital media, digital design, internet marketing, online media
We think about advertising principles - differentiation
Be seen, look professional, be heard, look different
Trust us with your brand, Confidence, stand out, your brand matters

Winner:Helping your vision become your site
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