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Date: April 21st, 2015
Title:Online trading platform requires business tagline
Keywords: Online trading platform
Description:Estock is a new and innovtive company offering an online platform for stock trading

We require a tagline for our business will will show clients and customers what we are and what we are all about in one short phrase

We will use the tagline under our logo on our website and on our app as well as within business e.g business cards

We want to portray that we are a stock trading platform that is new. Energetic classy and reputable

Winner:"Smart trading platforms all online."
Date: April 17th, 2015
Title:looking for a tag line/slogan for new business for use on business cards, website, stationery
Keywords: bookkeeping
Description:Business name is "Desk Angels". This is a cloud based bookkeeping / accounting solution for small business / tradies
We are virtual office / accounts assistants

Winner:"Your back office assistant in the cloud"
Date: April 14th, 2015
Title:Nursing & Therapy Recruitment
Keywords: Recruitment , Jobs , Therapy , Nurse
Description:We're looking for an impactful slogan to use as our ad theme to attract nurses and therapists to apply for a new job. Past examples include "Grow With Us," "Start a New Journey," and "Discover Excellence." We run ads continuously and try to introduce new slogans regularly to keep things fresh. We thought we'd try crowdsourcing for a change.

Winner:Live your dream
Date: April 12th, 2015
Title:Hearts for Care (a nonprofit) needs a slogan. We assist senior adults who are aging in their homes.
Keywords: inclusion , service , relationships , caring , connections , community
Description:Our purpose is to provide a single trusted source for information and assistance. Services are uniquely defined based on available community resources and member defined needs. Services are offered and provided by trusted and trained volunteers free of charge. Assist is provided to connect members with pre-screened service providers as needed. Members have access to help with such things as routine household chores, grocery shopping, transportation, and yard work. Hearts for Care also offers social, educational, and wellness opportunities through the organized efforts of the volunteers within the community.

Winner:With Love, we help, we share, we care
Date: April 12th, 2015
Title:Need new slogan
Keywords: asphalt , paving , excavation , erosion control , Construction
Description:We do land development, asphalt, concrete, erosion control, excavation, roll off rental and much more for builders and developers. We offer a wide variety of construction services (not the building just site construction) to customers with the goal we are the first and only stop to get all the construction services done

Winner:Strong foundations for a strong future
Date: April 7th, 2015
Title:inCharge Media Group
Keywords: , informative , innovative , advertisement company , advertising , media , digital , incharge
Description:We are an digital media & advertising company. we provide a different way to present our ads via cell phone charging kiosks. check our website

although we present our advertisements on the screen of these kiosks, we still do other digital media work. therefore i do not want to limit our slogan to cell phone charging kiosks.

on my business card i already have "Innovative & informative advertising solutions. i was toying around and came up with a few but not crazy about them. "stay inTouch with inCharge" "large and inCharge" "choose inCharge or remain atLarge"

id love to make a catchy, clever semi funny slogan. definitely want the word or words INCHARGE in the slogan. shorter the better but definitely not limited. Just want it to be very swift, clever and funny. who doesn't LOL.

any help or ideas are GREATLY appreciated.

Winner:Having an Ad Day? Call InCharge
Date: April 4th, 2015
Keywords: , training courses , Business Development , Consulting
Description:A professional business development course boosts efficiency and performance of individuals through research, workshops, seminars, travels and working with experienced competent professionals. NICS training services proudly offers business development courses to small entrepreneurs, managers, image consultants, and supervisors with minimal training knowledge and skills, which are not enough to complete or accomplish their task and help employees and clients. Some of the courses we offer are as follows:

•Building Online Business
•Basic Internet
•Basic Business Management- Boot Camp for Business Owners
•Building Your Assertiveness Skills, Self Esteem and more

I want my client to tap on these opportunities to learn now and benefit from successfully completing the business development to enhance their growth with employees and clients.

no numeric characters but limit the slogan to one short sentence if possible.

Winner:"Build strategies, build confidence, build your business."
Date: April 4th, 2015
Title:looking for a tag line
Keywords: Carpentry Contractor
Description:1.Carpentry Contractor for site carpentry new builds working for and with main contractors
2. Service
3. tag line

Date: March 25th, 2015
Title:looking a new slogan to coincide with our gas plant expansion
Keywords: reliability , distribution , energy , propane cylinders
Description:We wholesale propane cylinders to distributors and we are looking for a new slogan for our company that will be targeted at the end users of our cylinders. The cylinders are targeted at the domestic market and are used for heating cooking etc. We would like the slogan to reflect our companies continual growth and reliability. The slogan will be used on all advertising and on the cylinders. Up to 5/6 words would be perfect.

Winner:Faithfully fueling prosperity and mobility.
Date: March 12th, 2015
Title:Looking for a tagline to go with my logo
Keywords: contractor , coal mining
Description:Our company is called J&M Mechanical and we providing mechanical contracting labor support to the coal mining industry. We are a small start up business subcontracting to large mining businesses.

Winner:Small Spark. Big Difference.
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