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Date: April 4th, 2014
Title:It's for an Information Technology consulting and Recruiting firm
Keywords: IT consulting and Recruitment
Description:1. Company is IT consulting and Recruiting firm :
2. It's a service company
3. Slogan
4. Objective is for clients and customers know by the slogan that will be associated to the company logo.
5. It's an IT Consulting and Recruitment firm

Best Slogan:IT Consulting and Recruitment - simply the right clique
Date: March 7th, 2014
Title:Earthmoving Company - Civil and mining
Keywords: Earthmoving
Description:1. Earthmoving company that sub-contracts to the civil construction, mining and gas industries.

2.Slogan is for a website and promotional wear & products

want to get across to our clients in a clear and concise manner that we are committed to safety quality reliability and delivering our projects on time.

We don\'t want the old lines \"move heaven and earth\" or \"we will make the earth move for you\"

Best Slogan:RobexCivil, where quality and safety always come first.
Date: March 6th, 2014
Title:Home Furnishings & Decor Business
Keywords: Home Decor , Home Furnishings
Description:We need a slogan for our Home Furnishings & Decor business. We do not only sell furniture and decoration items but also give advice. As part of our work, we visit our clients at their homes and suggest them different options that match their style and preferences.

Best Slogan:Celebrating the magic of transforming houses into homes.
Date: February 21st, 2014
Title:Integral life coaching business
Keywords: key words with periods separated
Description:1. I am a professional business coach that uses tools like the enneagram to help individuals to know themselves better and helping them lead a life with less pain and suffering. I help to improve relationships between parents and teens, life transitions, having the courage to be real.
2. A call to action for possible clients who have some sort of situation where they may feel trap and don't know how to get out. I offer a non judgmental emotional space to listen and walk together
3. I want clients to remember that there is always a way to move forward. that they are not alone.
4. I want clients to call and make appointment. A call to action.
5. Will use the slogan for business card and social media

Date: February 17th, 2014
Title:Broad, inclusive corporate tagline for small start-up software company
Keywords: orperations , security , portfolio , technology , software
Description:Note from our CEO says it pretty well:
\"As you know, we have been spending a lot of effort to recast our message and web site and have had some independent eyes look at our message to make sure we don’t suffer the GIS echo chamber and get to our business of solving Business Problems. One observation that has been made is that our tag line kinda of sucks…”Global Leaders in Facilites GIS”…I will confess that was my idea but I the critique is valid because:

What is Facilities GIS?
Who cares?
Who are you to say you are the leader?
How does that solve my problem?
I don’t have a facilities problem..I have a security or portfolio these guys are not for me

So…..we need a tag that speaks to our strength and message …solving problems and visualization…. is flexible, alludes to what we do but is malleable enough to twist to fit our incredibly diverse use cases and doesn’t paint us in the corner for all the other things\"

Web Site: (this is not the new design & content mentioned above, but it is close enough to understand who we are)

We are looking for an tagline. Something that isn\'t too \"on the nose\" and has legs for us to grow with a market that is just developing for our products.

The current lead contender from our marketing person is \"Seeing is Believing\". While it is certainly broad, it is also too boring and common to be memorable, IMHO.

We need help!

Best Slogan:Better Access, Better Insight, Better Facilities... PenBay Solutions
Date: February 11th, 2014
Title:Oz-Chill Hydrocarbon Refrigerant Slogan
Keywords: , refrigerant , HVAC
Description:My company is Oz-Chill Refrigerants

Oz-Chill Refrigerants is an Australian company and a world-leading supplier of natural refrigerants. We provide natural refrigerants formulated to increase the efficiency of air conditioning and refrigeration systems in all applications; be it automotive air conditioning, industrial air conditioning, commercial refrigeration, or home refrigeration. Our products embody all things great about natural refrigerants; eco-friendly, safer to use, and energy efficient.

3. Slogan is for our products.

4. We want a catchy slogan which tells our customers about our product. So we can use on marketing materials, brochures, website etc...

Main point of the slogan to emphasize is that our range of hydrocarbon refrigerants are:
1. Energy Efficient
2. Environmentally Friendly
3. Quality Assured.

Words like "Chill" could be used.

We want to stand out to our customers, so they don't just think we are another refrigerant gas for air conditioning and refrigeration systems.

Maybe even an idea along the lines of "Oz-Chill inside"??? Open to suggestions short and long.

Best Slogan:Keeping Cool Naturally ...Oz-Chill.
Date: February 4th, 2014
Title:Slogan / Tag line for a realtor who also styles homes
Keywords: Realtor
Description:Realtor is a classy lady who also has interior design experience and styles the homes for sale. Looking for slogans that incorporates words such as style, colour, dreams and combine that with home selling. For use in print and web marketing including a popular blog and social media. Her background is in interior design and lighting, so maybe also something with the word "light".

Best Slogan:Selling Dreams, Creating Lifestyles!
Date: January 27th, 2014
Title:New Slogan for my brand
Keywords: Web Agency , Digital Media , Creative
Description:1. We are a Creative Digital Agency/ production house,
our clients are individual and business owners from all sectors.

2. the slogan is for our service and website

3. Slogan type : tag line
4. Reliable Partner , Result Oriented and Creative Fun people to work with.

Contact us for business and recommend us to others

5. website, adwords, banners, wall banners etc

6. No Limitation how ever preferable it can be short sharp and memorable.

Best Slogan:Turning visions into reality
Date: January 20th, 2014
Title:Vibrant, Catchy slogan
Keywords: Information Technology Consulting
Description:The company is in the domain of information technology & software development. It provides consulting services on various software technologies to clients across all industry sectors.

I want the slogan to be something about:

Excellence in Professional Services
Challenging work
Out of box thinking
High Performance
Aim High.
Doing it right
Best People.

All ideas are welcome.

Best Slogan:Magnifying The Possibilities
Date: January 13th, 2014
Title:I want a slogan for our makeup case with lights
Keywords: makeup case
Description:please see the link,

I want the slogan for our makeup case with lights and mirror, the brand name is Seymour, and the slogan is for this series of product.

the slogan is for tag line, we will put one metal nameplate, one side is the logo, the other side is the slogan.

Maybe the slogan can be related with light or brilliant, something like that, because it has lights, and this is basically for women, artist, performers.

Media of slogan -- website

the words should be less than 4-5, because we will put on the nameplate, it shouldn't be very long.

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