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Date: May 23rd, 2015
Title:Assessing kids rooms for electromagentic radiation
Keywords: , wireless radiation , electromagnetic fields , Radiation assessments
Description:Rest Assured Nth Qld is a service providing radiation assessments for childrens bedrooms. A tag line is required. Target market iw mums with young kids in the 0- 5 range. The aim of the company is to educate, assess and provide solutions to protect their child/children from sleeping in harmful radiation. The tag line is for website, business card and social media. needs to be about 6 words.
I want clients to think about what will happen if they don't protect their child.

Winner:Radiation, Eradicated.
Date: May 20th, 2015
Title:Vivus Studio
Keywords: Music Studio
Description:ViVus Studio is a studio by a a pilot flying dreamliners Boeing 787. He is also a creative musician and his music is a fusion of hip hop and indian and various genres with hip hop. Slogan should have a pilot feel to it ... and also should describe music ... music and flying ... if it says two things music and flying or music and b787 or music and pilot something of that sort ... i should describe love for music and flying

Winner:Touching heaven on frequency 787.
Date: May 17th, 2015
Title:travel agency
Keywords: travel
Description:Company: Travel 4 Fun Now
Looking for slogan to say at networking meetings and to put on biz card.
My niche is Caribbean travel, all inclusive resorts - cruises - honeymoons.
In my mind I had things like your get away specialist. Your fun specialist.

Winner:The Get Away Where You Can Play!
Date: May 14th, 2015
Title:First Class
Keywords: senior transport
Description:We are a passenger transport company that provides non-emergency medical appointment transportation to seniors, primarily catering to skilled nursing facilities.
Also could use a logo idea

Winner:We Move. We Care.
Date: May 14th, 2015
Title:slogan for brochure cover (brochure – presentation folder containing product line card on inner covers pocket with slit for business card USB catalog)
Keywords: custom products , contract manufacturing , offshore manufacturing , product redesign , product design , sourcing , outsourcing , building and construction materials , local knowledge of the building industry , global expertise
Description:1. a manufacturer’s representative firm operating in the Caribbean, Latin and South America.

2. Focus mainly on building materials but also engage in sourcing, product design/redesign, and manufacturing.

3. Targeting group will be distributors of building and construction materials, contractors, developers of housing projects, hotels/apartment projects, offices and commercial buildings, road and sea defense construction, personnel within the construction industry with authority to influence purchase decisions, manufacturers of furniture, doors and windows, etc

4. It is important to note also that all our products complement each other and we do some amount of cross selling in a sense, for example, if we are supplying materials for a hotel project very likely we will also supply hotel furniture etc totally unrelated to building/construction materials.

Any attention grabbing statement/curiosity statement that will stimulate our target group interest in finding out more about our products and services will be welcome.

Winner:More Than Just Construction..Take A Look
Date: May 12th, 2015
Title:A catchy slogan for Event Vendor listing company
Keywords: vendors , Event
Description:It is a website that facilitates the user to search for vendors in their location for different aspects of their party like for bridal dresses, party clowns, party favors, Wedding cakes etc ..... It is a website like but for all events

I need a catchy slogan that communicates that the purpose of the website and the ease with which a user can host a party by finding the perfect vendors by coming to our site.

I want the clients to be able to remember the slogan and use it in their daily life

One slogan i like is : Life is calling .... where are you? Something similar to this will be nice

Winner:Every Occasion Deserves To Be Momentous
Date: May 12th, 2015
Title:Looking for a great slogan for a commercial cleaning company
Keywords: Cleaning
Description:Elite Cleaning Solutions is a start up cleaning company that specializes in many services that involves cleaning. Majority of clients will be business owners. I want my clients remember my slogan in their head every time they walk in their business and remember why they chose me or are willing to work with me. This slogan will be on business cards. I want something short and sweet but something to remember my company by.

Winner:The Service You Expect, The Quality You Deserve!
Date: May 7th, 2015
Title:We create a better teenager through balance that we achieve by providing educational tools not taught in school for teenagers
Keywords: life , helptools , educational , teenagers
Description:This is a slogan which will be "cool" for teenagers and will go on the front of a tshirt. We are developing a web portal which adresses the 4 basic quadrants of life that need to be balanced for the teenager to be happy. These are help tools for the teenager to use. It is vital that we do not lose the connection to the teenager and hence it is important that the slogan talks to that age group. Company name is Toolz4Teenz and the slogan we have under the logo is "Your toolbox for life". Some of the ideas we have had are:
Keep balance..... Get Toolboxed!
Have you been toolboxed?

Would be nice if there could be a double meaning to the slogan.

Please help!

Winner:Under Construction
Date: May 5th, 2015
Title:Slogan for travelling agency
Keywords: attract more clients with appealing to top-level services we provide , travel agency
Description:1. Our company provides services for travellers from Ukraine.
2. The slogan is for top-level services we provide.
3. Type is a tag line.
4. Objectives:
- we care of each client;
- provide douscounted tours;
- our clients need to remember about our office in the city core and visit us for a coffee and hot tours :)
5. Media for slogan is website.
6. There are no limitations in terms of words and number of characters.

Winner:Journey is as much important as the destination. We make it all perfect.
Date: April 29th, 2015
Title:Thank you slogan
Keywords: No 1 , cheers
Description:We are a bank, website is

Looking for a tagline to promote a recent No 1 ranking we received following an industry survey result. Tagline will be used on posters and website tiles. It's the first time we've been ranked No 1 and we took out number one in 18 of the 22 categories.

Our tone for our company brand is conversational and approachable, sometimes we like to have a laugh. We might be a big bank but we don't talk like one. For example, after a recent win, one slogan used was '3 reasons to cheer' instead of something tame like 'thank you for making us No 1'. The thank you for making us No 1 is something that we are trying to avoid, very rigid in tone. No more than 6-8 words to be used. Looking for something fun and catchy.

Winner:Brokering Dreams
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