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Date: September 27th, 2014
Title:Would like a catchy Tag Line which highlights non technical, accessible online training
Keywords: Inbound Marketing Training , Social Media Training , wordpress training
Description:Company Name: Nood Media

Customers: Sole Trader, SME and Large Corporation Employees

Slogan for non technical training

Slogan Type: Tag line for web

Words to include: As the company is called Nood Media I would like reference to 'stripping', 'bare', baring etc... relating to non technical Wordpress/web training.

Best Slogan:We strip down and bare it all at Nood Media. The number place to get non technical, accessible online training in Wordpress, Social Media, and Inbound Marketing. Nood Media, revealing it all to people just like you.
Date: September 1st, 2014
Title:Slogan for below my company name
Keywords: interactive horse racing experience
Description:I'm looking for a slogan to go under my company name.

In Harness Experience....

I have a logo which im mostly happy with which shows two people on a cart behind the horse and gives the impression of speed/being in a race

Its an experience where clients from the conference world get to race against each other
on tandem carts ( client with the reigns with a professional driver next to them ) on an actual race track. there are five horses in each race. ( think ben hurr )

This is an interactive horse racing experience which has tested really well.. my clients will be
from the meetings conference and events world.

I'm wanting the slogan /tagline to capture the excitement of being a driver in an actual horserace.

The best I've come up with has been
"your race, your ride"
"For those who want to be In the race"

( a bit bland and wordy )

I guess I'm trying to capture the idea this really is a special out of the box experience that very few people have done.
I do like the term race as its something that excites potential clients and actually tells people what this experience is.
But im open to other suggestions,
id just stay away from the word steed as its a term that Australians dont use that much

Slogan will be used on the web and advertising material.

I'd imagine no more than 8 words.

Please help me creative folk

Cheers Matt

Date: August 9th, 2014
Title:large train project
Keywords: project running behing
Description:We are busy rolling out a large infrastructure projects for a new train system that it\\\'s now running a year behind schedule. We need some really smart ideas on how to say we apologize for the delay but also demonstrate that it\'s worth the wait.

Best Slogan:The freight that's worth the wait!!!
Date: July 31st, 2014
Title:Slogan for
Keywords: Mobile Gaming Reviews is a mobile game review site that offers quality mobile game reviews written by funny characters not people. I am looking for a humorous slogan that makes my clients remember Pocket Realms for its mission to crush greedy developers who make crappy games with zero value in app purchases. Pocket Realms also offers quality comics and merchandise based on the characters and I want my clients to buy them.

Best Slogan:Crappy games get shame; great games get fame!
Date: July 26th, 2014
Title:Slogan to go with branding
Keywords: Aboriginal Australia , counselling training and facilitation , coaching
Description:1. coming up ten years, Aboriginal owned and operated
2. coaching, counselling training and facilitation, motivation, inspiriation, growth,
3. slogan, tagline, endline
4. we are here and we are the best. We are who we are and we do what we do.
5. website, business cards etc
6. Least amount of words as possible

Best Slogan:Strength to lead is in our genes
Date: July 3rd, 2014
Title:Texas Chrome Transport, Inc.
Keywords: , chrome , safeland certified , tankers , oil field , Peterbilt , Texas Chrome , Frac Sand
Description:Transportation Carrier hauling frac sand in tankers to oil frac sites. Name of the carrier is Texas Chrome Trasport. Our trucks stand out from others that we \"dress them up\" with led lights and chrome stacks. Based in San Antonio, Texas our primary location for jobsite is South Texas

Best Slogan:Setting the stage for success
Date: June 29th, 2014
Title:Texas real estate agent
Keywords: real estate agent
Description:I am a real estate agent who lives just south of Dallas.

My website is

My first name is Tiffani.

I think it would be memorable to clients if my slogan contained Tiffani and Texas in it since they both start with a "t", but it does not have to be that way.

I would like a slogan that is memorable, professional, not corny.

I want my customers to know that if they choose me, they will find a Texas home they will love.

The word "families" or "family" might be good to contain in a slogan. Again this isn't mandatory.

I want clients to buy and sell their houses using me.

If I ever do have my own logo, I will probably have one with the state of Texas containing a heart in the middle or red home in the middle.

Best Slogan:For a Texas Family Home You'll Love, Call Tiffanii Today
Date: May 21st, 2014
Title:slogan for pest control company
Keywords: pest control company
Description:we are a small company that's provides quality service for residential and commercial properties we are not sure if we want a funny slogan or just a catchy slogan open to anything the slogan is for business cards website and other marketing materials

Best Slogan:Your Best Defence in the Fight Against Pests.
Date: May 19th, 2014
Title:consulting on litigation cases
Keywords: solutions , results , analysis , accuracy , services , damages , economic , financial , disputes , litigation , legal
Description:Provide services on litigation cases. specializing in economic, accounting, financial, and damages case issues; perform a wide variety of tasks on all case sizes during all phases of litigation (discovery to outcome).
The work is done efficiently and accurately - quality results. Be a part of the legal team. assist on whatever task makes progress and yields answers. I am solo but collaborate with other consultants and firms.
15+ years experience

tagline to be used with logo, website and marketing materials
Ideally less than 5 words
simple, direct, professional, fairly conservative, rolls off the tongue - nothing \\\\\\\"corny\\\\\\\"

Best Slogan:KRT Litigation Consulting...the experience you need, the analysis you can trust.
Date: April 20th, 2014
Title:its quick service restaurant serving pizza and pasta
Keywords: pizza and pasta outlet
Description:lisbet pizza and past
all food lovers are our clients
tag line, slogan, end line
our food and name of brand
for website, shop, add
three or four words

Best Slogan:Savor the Passion
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