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Date: August 11th, 2015
Title:Builders Toilet
Keywords: Portable Sanitation Company
Description:We are Prestige Loos. We have recently launched SHVTBOX (Safe Hi-Viz Toilet Box) Which is a Hi Viz portable Toilet which is Bright Orange, the same as a Road Cone and are used in the Construction Industry. We are looking for a slogan on the back of the Tee shirts that would hopefully tie in The High Viz toilets or these Toilets with the construction Industry. We currently have slogans for the Prestige loo side which read "You think your job stinks" and "Our customers give us crap everyday"
Limitations has to fit on the back of a Tee shirt

Winner:Your hole is our goal
Date: August 9th, 2015
Title:Debut Infotech is a software development firm and providing web and mobile solution to the clients all over the world
Keywords: Software development Services /IT services
Description:1: Back ground : Our company Name is Debut Infotech. we are off shore software development company


Customers : Our customers are entrepreneurs, small to mid sized business who need apps and web-application development services

2: We want this slogan on our offical website. Apart from that it will provide our voice to customers

3: Slogan : It shoule be small three words max

4: Objective : Our client remember , how we can help them and provide outstanding service

Refrence slogan that we like

a: Aceenture : High perfrmance - Delivered

b: Sage : your business in Mind
c:Siebel: Its all about customers
d:SCO : Grow your business

We need some things similar catchy , easy to remembers and customer centric

Winner:Vision becomes reality
Date: August 9th, 2015
Title:Corporate Slogan
Keywords: Oilfield Service
Description:We are an oilfield service company that provides equipment and supplies to the oil and gas industry in Nigeria. We are an indigenous Nigerian start up that aims to provide the Nigerian oil and gas industry with the essential local participation that it currently lacks.

Winner:Global expertise delivered locally
Date: July 29th, 2015
Title:Come to Work by Public Transportation
Keywords: environment , train , rail , work , tube , metro , bus , subway , public transportation
Description:Our company, as part of its environmental friendly policy, would like to invite its employees to come to work using public transportation.

We would like a catchy slogan, that is easy to be remembered, that encourages the usage of public transportation over the use of car.

Winner:You won't meet new people in your car...
Date: July 27th, 2015
Title:Looking for a company business of the business statement that explains who are and what we do in a short sentence "elevator pitch" that anyone can undertand
Keywords: why should customers choose us ? , Who we are as a business
Our customers range from man in the van electricians, to large electrical installers to major manufacturing plants and mine sites, we supply across all market segments, food, manufacturing, mining, facilities maintenance, construction.
I need the slogan to encapsulate our entire business in one short sharp sentence.
3- we are reliable, innovative, we have a huge range available, we partner for long term sustainable supply partnerships, its not just about products is about solutions and value add support helping customers with continuous, efficient supply s they can focus on their business.
I want our customers to read the slogan and know who and what we are and know they should choose us over our competitors.
if successful will go on print under the company name.
No limitations.

Winner:You know our name, reliability, innovations, and unbeatable customer service, what else we can solve for you?
Date: July 23rd, 2015
Title:Need a slogan for my webpage
Keywords: coaching
Description:1. Name of the page is Merryfullife (I help people to live a better life); The name for the page was my idea because my original name is Marijana but people call me Merry (they see me as a happy person but grounded to earth)
2. The slogan is for the webpage for the name Merryfullife
3. I want to start a career as a life coach
4. I have knowledge in jyotish-hindu astrology, mindfullness, living a simple life, emotional intelligence, have a master degree in business, worked in marketing and finance,...
5. I would like a simple slogan with few words as I would need to translate it into my language - Slovenian
6. I want people to see that I believe they have the answers in themselves to live a better life...I just help them to find the answers.

Winner:Inception of a brand new life
Date: July 22nd, 2015
Title:Jai Hari Marketing
Keywords: Sales Delear for a rice mill machine manufacturer
Description:1.All rice mill owners are my customers
2.slogan for the service ( selling machines and providing consultation for the rice mill owners)
4. Clients should know meaning of my services in the slogan iam sales Delear for Satake)We provide completes solution for a rice mill owner to establish a complete setup for a new mill, paddy processing industry
6. Limitation upto 65 words

Winner:Bringing out the best in every grain.
Date: June 30th, 2015
Title:I need a tage line for my real estate business
Keywords: Real Estate
Description:I work for Joyner Fine Properties in Richmond VA which is the high end real estate company here. I am looking for a general slogan/tagline/identity and then I will want a logo to coordinate with the slogan. I will use the tagline on my email, my web sites and all of my printed materials. One of my specialities is being the local real estate market expert. I produce great graphs on the status of the national and local real estate market. I also sell a lot of condos and historic properties. I also work with a lot of first time homebuyers. We don't need all of this in the slogan-the priority would be the local real estate market expert.

Winner:Buy local with a local expert
Date: June 27th, 2015
Title:Marketing line
Keywords: Food ordering online
Description:So you know how burgerking came up why dine with a clown when you can dine wit h a king..

we are looking for a similar tag line. competetor has panda in their name and we have genie in the name

raw idea is

Panda can't walk, genie can fly, obviously this sounds a bit lame and hence seeking for brilliant line that just kills and is shared on fb

Winner:Their Panda has Genie envy
Date: June 22nd, 2015
Title:Kitchen Store
Keywords: kitchen supplies , online store , chef store , Kitchen tool store
Description:I sell kitchen tools online. I would like a short catchy slogan to put on my logo. It shouldnt be more than 5 or 6 words

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