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Creating a Tagline for your Business

Welcome at GetaSlogan! We create Company Slogans and Business Taglines for building your corporate identity. In order to build your corporate identity you need two elements: a great logo and a catchy slogan.

The logo allows customers to recognize your company. They associate your company or business with the logo image. This way, when they see the logo, they think in your company. A good logo is fundamental in the processes of any company branding.

The slogan tells customers how your company is different from your competitors. It could be what you value, the approach you take, what is the experience of using your products / services, etc. For instance, the Apple's slogan "think different" tells in a short, memorable phrase the company approach to technology. Another example is Nike's "just do it" that tells what is important for them when it comes to sport. As you can see, having a good slogan is as important as having a good logo when building your company identity and communicating it effectively.

Once you have a good logo and a catchy company slogan, it is much easier to communicate to prospects what your company does, your approach and how you're different from your competitors. Both logo and slogan should go in all business communication and corporate identity including your website and business cards.

At GetaSlogan we can offer the possibility of creating a great slogan for your company. We've found that the most effective way of creating a company slogan is by organizing a slogan contest where you receive many slogan ideas for your company. This is very effective because on the one hand side you know a lot about your business, what your company does and what you want to do in the future. On the other hand side, it is quite difficult to express it in a short memorable phrase. This is where our writers can help you and the slogan contest format works beautifully for this purpose.

What about using one of these free tagline generator available on the internet? Well, it is fun for a while and you can even find some funny business slogans. However, machines cannot yet understand what you are really looking for. It is more a recognition. When a sloganeer provides you with the clever tagline that perfectly matches your needs, you just recognize it is the one.

You can think of GetaSlogan as an human business tagline generator. We use technology for what it is best: interaction, cooperation, quick feedback, ability to reach many writers, enhanced creativity, fast tagline development ... However, we believe in the extraordinary ability of human beings when it comes to generate tagline ideas for companies.

GetaSlogan approach to Business Slogans

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When you create a slogan contest at GetaSlogan, writers are automatically notified so that they can quickly start working. Our sloganeers don't have contractual obligations and only provide slogans when they feel creative, so you are getting company slogan ideas from highly creative and motivated writers.

During the first phase, writers will provide you with concepts. They are only allowed to submit very few tagline ideas in order not to overwhelm you. As the contest host, you can interact with them via private messages and rate their slogan suggestions. This interaction is fundamental when creating a slogan for a company as it allows writers to understand what works for you.

After this initial slogan concept phase, you may select the finalists. These finalists will refine their concepts and provide new slogan ideas for your business following your feedback. Finalists don't have any limitation in the number of company slogan ideas they can provide. The reason is that since you have selected them as the writers you like, we want to give them full freedom to create a tagline that will fulfill your expectations.

Once you see the right slogan, just select it as the winner. By doing so, you will have the legal right to use it (after the copyright signature process) and the winner will be rewarded. Some clients need more than one slogan. If this is also your case, you can declare additional winners.

In the rare case you are not fully satisfied with the slogan ideas provided by our writers, we offer a money back guarantee. Try now our risk-free slogan development service!


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