Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is getaslogan?


Getaslogan is a crowd-sourcing slogan development service. Our clients get custom, creative, catchy slogans from a community of sloganeers. Our sloganeers are rewarded when a client pick their suggestions as finalists. 

Q: What makes getaslogan unique?


The following features make getaslogan unique:

  • Immediate Response: clients can expect slogans within minutes after purchase
  • Unlimited Creativity: creativity is guaranteed by an ever growing sloganeers community
  • Interactivity: sloganeers adapt to the client's preferences in real time
  • Qualification: qualifieds sloganeer have been winners in the past
Q: How getaslogan works?


Clients make a slogan purchase specifying their needs. Sloganeers compete for providing the best slogan. The client interacts with sloganeers by choosing in real time which slogan he or she likes better. Sloganeers adapt to the client's preferences in real time.

Q: What is the different between qualifying and qualified slogans?


The difference is in who can provide slogans and in the privacy:

  • Any sloganeer can provide qualifying slogans; however, only sloganeers that have demonstrated a good performance can provide qualified slogans
  • Qualified slogans can only be seen by qualified sloganeers while they are active. Qualifying slogans can be seen and browsed by anyone, even visitors
Q: How many slogans suggestions do I get?


At least 50: you get as many slogans as you can process in 3 days or 50 slogans, whatever happens last. Usually you will get more than 50, but a minimum of 50 slogans is guaranteed.

Q: How can I get better slogan suggestions?


Rate the slogan suggestions you have already received: 1-star means that you did not like the slogan at all, 4-stars means you liked it a lot, 5-stars is reserved for the winner slogan. Rating slogans provides sloganeers with the feedback they need on what is working and what is not. Of course, you can provide comments in case there are some misunderstandings.

Q: Can other people see my slogans?


It depends on which kind of slogan you buy:

  • Private Slogan Projects  can only be seen by our sloganeers. Visitors will not even know that you have posted a slogan project.
  • Public Slogan Projects can be seen and browsed by anyone, including visitors
Q: How is the payment done?


Payment is done via PayPal

Q: Do you accept credit cards?


Yes, via PayPal

Q: Are there any hidden costs?


There are no hidden costs. After your purchase you will start receiving slogan suggestions from our sloganeers. The only hidden costs are what you do with your slogan after (e.g. print new business cards)

Q: How can I qualify?


You obtain the qualified status when any of your slogan suggestions is selected as winner for a slogan project. Once you are qualified you can participate in qualified slogans.

Q: How the payment is made?


getaslogan will pay winners via PayPal.

Q: When are the payments done?


Pending payments are done on the first of every month. The amount covers all rewards won over the last month.

Q: Can the rating of a slogan I suggested change?


Yes, clients can change their mind at any time while their slogan project is running.

Q: Can clients accept a slogan after it is rated?


Sure, once the client is ready to select a winner he will change the rating of the winning slogan to 5-stars.

Q: Why can I not see other sloganeers suggestions?


We have received complains from both clients and sloganeers concerning the previous behaviour. Before, all sloganeers could see the all slogan ratings. This resulted in a decrease of creativity and originality as some sloganeers provided slightly different modifications of highly rated slogans provided by other sloganeers. The current approach only allows sloganeers to see the rating of their own slogans. Clients, of course, can see every slogan suggestion.

Q: How many slogans may I suggest at once?


The number of slogans you may suggest at once is determined based on your recent performance. The better your performance is, the more slogans you would be allowed to suggest at once.


Why Choose Get a Slogan?

  • 1. Fast Response Expect first slogans within hours, sometimes within minutes.
  • 2. Unlimited Creativity Creativity guaranteed by an ever growing sloganeers community.
  • 3. Interactivity Sloganeers adapt their slogans to your preferences in real-time.
  • 4. Money Back Guarantee In the rare case you are not satisfied with our slogans.


This was the best thing I could have done for my new company! It was great to see all of the great ideas coming from different people! It was great!